First Impressions: Samsung Galaxy Camera 2

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Samsung Galaxy Cam 2 first impressions (7 of 7)ISO 4001-50 sec at f - 4.0

Samsung’s Galaxy Camera was an interesting concept when it was first introduced last year. For the first time, the company tried a fusion between a phone and a dedicated camera to try to solve a fundamental consumer problem. Now, they’re announcing the brand new Galaxy Cam 2.

And once again, it has a massive emphasis on connectivity.

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How to Edit a Photo in VSCO Cam


Image taken from Chris Gampat’s VSCO Grid.

With VSCO Cam recently opening its doors to the Android world, lots of new users have joined but not everyone (even iOS users) know how to use the app. There is a lot more that you can do than just apply some beautiful filters. Indeed, your images can be  massaged to become beautiful showcases.

In this post, we’re going to show you a quick guide to what all the terminology means.

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VSCO Cam Releases New Presets and Bundle


Since recently coming to Android, many staffers here have been smitten with VSCO Cam. The popular app from the company that creates arguably the best vintage-film presets for Lightroom and Photoshop released new preset collections yesterday along with a bundle that lets you snag them all at a more affordable price.

Many of the new presets are bundled in the company’s new Contemporary Collection bundle. For $2.99, you can snag the Analog/Archetype, New Modern/Lights, Polychrome Summer, and Polychrome Winter sets. Beyond this, there is the revived Legacy Collection: which includes the original 10 VSCO presets. With all fairness though, the company’s newer formulas are much better and have improved on their previous work. The Legacy Collection is available for $1.99 while all the other presets announced recently will cost $0.99.

While folks may love Instagram, VSCO is really the app that many of us have been waiting for on the Android system. When a total novices tries to use the app, they quickly realize that they need to learn exactly what saturation is amongst other things. Therefore, it returns the technical side back to the technical folks–we just pray that they also have the creative eye for composition as well.

Android Users Rejoice: VSCO Cam Has Been Released

My First Image with VSCO Cam

My First Image with VSCO Cam

Yes, let it sink in a little. VSCO has been out for iOS for some time now. Android users, like myself, have been jealous. As of today, however, you can download VSCO Cam for Android free from the Google Play Store. There are additional in-app purchases and ten presets and editing tools to help you with creativity. Along with all this, VSCO Grid is also available through the VSCO Cam app. VSCO Grid is an online gallery to help photographers display their work on their mobile devices.

For those of you not familiar with what VSCO is to begin with, it is an app that offers filters that are of much better quality than Instagram’s. It isn’t really a competitor, but the service has its own social networking structure. Think of it almost like the best of Instagram and Hipstamatic.

VSCO has extra samples on their website.

Via Android Community

VSCO Introduces Skin Tone Tool to VSCO Cam iPhone App


VSCO has been making lots of new updates to their VSCO Cam app. Today, they’re announcing a new tool in the app called Skin Tone. VSCO is stating that the tool is for adjusting a person’s skin tone in order to make it more realistic looking and for fixing weird lighting that may happen at night without the use of a flash.

You can get the new tool from the in-app store for free. Also be sure to check out VSCO Grid. And if you want these looks on your non-mobile photos, consider VSCO Film Pack 3–or the other ones.

Now if only this app would come to Android already…