Android Users Rejoice: VSCO Cam Has Been Released

My First Image with VSCO Cam

My First Image with VSCO Cam

Yes, let it sink in a little. VSCO has been out for iOS for some time now. Android users, like myself, have been jealous. As of today, however, you can download VSCO Cam for Android free from the Google Play Store. There are additional in-app purchases and ten presets and editing tools to help you with creativity. Along with all this, VSCO Grid is also available through the VSCO Cam app. VSCO Grid is an online gallery to help photographers display their work on their mobile devices.

For those of you not familiar with what VSCO is to begin with, it is an app that offers filters that are of much better quality than Instagram’s. It isn’t really a competitor, but the service has its own social networking structure. Think of it almost like the best of Instagram and Hipstamatic.

VSCO has extra samples on their website.

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