Amazing Stories Found Their Way to Nick Compton in African Homes

“Photographs are there to be taken. And that’s about you, your eye and your creativity coming together,” says South African-born photographer Nick Compton. He’s created a photo series on homes that have popped up on his homeland’s coastlines. Delving into what makes them unique, he tells us how he connected with various people while photographing their individual houses.

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Essentials: COSYSPEED Lens Pouches (Help an African Mother Out)

Essentials is a series featuring products we’re lusting over in quick, bite-sized posts.

A lens pouch? Why would someone need that in 2020? Well, there are actually a lot of great reasons why, the least of which is to assist travel photographers and photojournalists protecting their gear. But most importantly, the COSYSPEED Lens Pouches are made in the poorest country in the world, situated in Africa. And when you make a purchase, you help a mother provide for her family. It’s a win-win situation: you get a well-made product, and a mom helps her child eat. That’s the initiative behind COSYSPEED’s IndieGoGo campaign!

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Stian Klo Captures the Majestic Wildlife of the Kenyan Landscape

All photos by Stian Klo. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following the trips of Norweigian adventure photographer Stian Klo for some time. Stian has been to some really picturesque locations, like the Finnish Lapland and Northern Italy. This time, we revisit his 2017 trip to Africa – a dream destination for intrepid travelers, adventure photographers, and wildlife photographers alike. With photos that showcase the fascinating wildlife and the vast landscapes it calls home, we can see that Stian achieved his goal for this adventure: “to embrace the adventure and not force the creative process in terms of photography.”

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Josh Estey Captures Sahel Children’s Fight for Survival With a Ricoh GR II

All images by Josh Estey. Used with permission.

Documentary photography at its most raw and relentless, sheds light on today’s most pressing issues that the world needs to pay attention to. As we’ve seen in his previous series, making the world a better place to live, especially children, is among the most urgent on the list. The Los Angeles and Jakarta-based documentary photographer drives the case even further in his heartrending Fight for Survival series.

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East Africa Inspires Šuns Akis to Tell the Story of A Fisherman’s Secret

All images by Šuns Akis. Use with Creative Commons permission.

Some places make such a big impression on us that they drive us to not only capture them in photographs, but also inspire us to immortalize them through other creative stuff. This is exactly what happened to Lithuanian photographer Šuns Akis while roaming East Africa. In his set, titled Fisherman’s Secret, he treats us to a beautiful selection of photos from his sea-bound adventures, which is also accompanied by a short story.

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Chris and Carolina Schmid To Spend The Next Two Years Filming The African Survivors

Award-winning photographers and conservationists Chris and Carolina Schmid decided to undertake a challenging film project that spans two years, travelling across Africa to capture on film the story of wildlife struggling to survive in the African territories.  This ambitious documentary film which is planned to be released in 2017 is called, “The African Survivors.”

In our correspondence with Chris recently, he shared with us his vision and planning on his upcoming two years shooting journey that takes him and his wife, Carolina, into the African wilderness. Driven by the love for story telling and passion for conservation, Chris and Carolina have launched their own film production company called Eyemage Films, dedicated to creating the highest quality of wildlife documentaries. The aim was to highlight issues around conservation and protection of wildlife through engaging educational content. Continue reading…

These Portraits of One Handed Dambe Fight Club Fighters Are Unreal

All images by August Udoh. Used Under Creative Commons License

If you are looking for Brad Pitt or Edward Norton you have come to the wrong place, but stick around, because these portraits of Dambe Fight Club fighters are unreal.

Dambe fighting is a type of boxing that originated with the Hausa people of West Africa. It was traditionally fought between butchers, and is uniquely fought with just one hand. August Udoh is a photographer out of Lagos, Nigeria and his series Dambe features some incredible photojournalistic portraits of fighters in a local Dambe fight club.

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Matthew Gillooley: Tips on Photographing Wildlife


All images by Matthew Gillooley. Used with permission.

Matthew Gillooley is a 20 year old, international award-winning photographer based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Now for just a little while longer, let that sink in. At the age of 20, Matthew has already won awards in the field. His work has been featured in publications such as BBC and The Guardian.

Matt started out as an action sports photographer but these days mainly focuses on wedding work to pay the bills. Like many photographers though, he has a more passionate side in regards to the arts; and that’s wildlife and travel work.

Upon showing us his portfolio, we were immediately captivated by lots of his photos of wildlife. And so we asked him about tips for photographing wildlife.

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Mike Berube and His Poignant Vignettes of War-Torn Africa

mikeberube 05

All photographs taken by Mike Berube. Used with permission.

Documenting conditions in a country at war or a poverty-stricken nation is possibly one of the hardest and most dangerous avenues of photography. And yet, a great number of photojournalists still go out there, armed only with their cameras and risking their lives to capture a certain reality that to many of us is inconceivable until we are presented with visual proofs.

One such photographer is New York City-based Mike Berube, whose powerful images of war-torn Africa, taken in the slums of Kenya in 2008, are but a small chapter in his poignant book that draws our attention to the horrible conditions that many people face and try to endure. From Africa to even Canada, Mike captures hunger, poverty, and war, with their victims serving as the main subjects of his photos.

The Phoblographer talks to the man behind the lens and he sheds some light on his work, his purpose, and how hard it is exactly to be a photojournalist in a poor country being torn apart by civil unrest.

Read his interview after the jump.

To see more of Mike Berube’s work by visiting his website.
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Wildlife Photographer Gets Turned into a Lookout Post by Wild Meerkats

Screen Shot 2014-04-09 at 8.04.19 AM

Who knew communing with nature can be so cute and cuddly?!

If you think that being a wildlife photographer means your life is in constant danger, think again. On a trip to the sandy Makgadikgadi region in northern Botswana to photograph Africa’s charming and endearing meerkats, UK wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas found himself making some new furry little friends instead. And also, becoming a (not-so) reluctant lookout post and a source of entertainment for them.

Burrard-Lucas spent six days in the arid region photographing one particular meerkat family and the animals got so used to him, they decided to utilize him for greater purposes. While the little overly curious meerkat toddlers played with his camera, their resourceful parents used him as a makeshift watchtower to scan for predators and other dangers. Pretty ingenious!

We don’t know how Burrard-Lucas was able to focus on the job with all that ruckus around him but ever the professional, he managed to take home some amazing, even epic, shots. Better yet, he was able to mix business with pleasure.

Check out the wonderful shots he took during his cuddly adventure here. But first, watch this video after the jump.

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Wildlife Photographer Releases an Inspiring Aerial Footage of the Wild Plains of the Serengeti

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 8.26.43 AM

The plains of the Serengeti, which plays host to a great number of animal and plant species as well as the largest mammal migration on land in the world, is a place that not everyone gets to experience first hand. Let’s face it; while Africa is one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world, it’s still a harsh and untamed land that will test people’s limits.

At least, we can rely on wildlife photographers and shows like BBC’s Planet Earth to give us glimpses of this majestic place and its amazing wildlife.

Recently, UK-based professional wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas released some inspiring aerial footage of the Serengeti and its wild “residents” going about their daily business–from a lone hyena dragging a carcass to a herd of migrating wild goats to a pod of hippos bathing in a muddy river.

Burrard-Lucas’ work aims to move people to preserving and protecting the planet’s fast-declining wildlife and natural wonders. He has spent years documenting animals in the wild using advanced equipment, including contraptions that he created himself like the terrestrial BeetleCam and the airborne BeetleCopter. In fact, this video of the Serengeti is his first footage using the BeetleCopter, which he controlled via the live video feed from the GoPro Hero 3+ mounted on it.

Thanks to this video, we are reminded yet again of how glorious, beautiful, and stirring the African continent is. See it after the jump.
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See How It Feels Like to be Wrestled by Lions with Awesome GoPro Video

Screen Shot 2014-01-02 at 8.33.13 AM

Sixteen years ago, when South African zoologist Kevin Richardson took the opportunity to work with lions, he knew that his career was going to take a dramatic turn.

He began to work with these magnificent predators to build a different sort of relationship with them while basically throwing the safety rulebook out the window. He was single-minded about one thing: that if he used love and trust and tried to get to know and understand their individual personalities, he could establish a bond with them.

It seems that Richardson has indeed succeeded in creating strong personal bonds with these wild creatures, to the point that people has dubbed him the Lion Whisperer. Today, he is using his unique talents and through documentaries and his wildlife sanctuary to create awareness towards the declining population of lions and other African carnivores due to hunting and other illegal inhumane activities.

Just recently, he teamed up with extreme action video extraordinaire GoPro to raise awareness about these animals being on the brink of extinction. With a GoPro Hero 3+ strapped to his chest, Richardson took to the plains of Africa to create a footage that captures how it feels like to be…umm, wrestled by two 10-year-old lions…playfully, of course.

While thoughts of the Grizzly Man and his gruesome end may come to some darker minds, this awesome video does generally make one feel all warm and gooey inside. And it’s definitely a great way to get people to pay attention.

See the cuddly video after the jump.

Via DIYPhotography

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Life in Focus: Sven Martin on Mountain Biking Photography

at the 2013 UCI MTB World Championships, Pitermaritzburg, South Africa

All photos by Sven Martin. Used with permission.

Sven Martin is a mountain biking photographer that is in extremely high demand. Ever since he was a small kid, he has had a fascination with photography and would later combine that with his love of extreme sports. Like every other photographer that has made it, he played the hustle game until it evolved into more of a relationship game. Sven’s photography cannot only be described as extreme, but beautiful with a gritty feel to it.

We had some time to chat with Sven recently outside of his super busy schedule. And his insights are invaluable.

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