Chris and Carolina Schmid To Spend The Next Two Years Filming The African Survivors

Award-winning photographers and conservationists Chris and Carolina Schmid decided to undertake a challenging film project that spans two years, travelling across Africa to capture on film the story of wildlife struggling to survive in the African territories.  This ambitious documentary film which is planned to be released in 2017 is called, “The African Survivors.”

In our correspondence with Chris recently, he shared with us his vision and planning on his upcoming two years shooting journey that takes him and his wife, Carolina, into the African wilderness. Driven by the love for story telling and passion for conservation, Chris and Carolina have launched their own film production company called Eyemage Films, dedicated to creating the highest quality of wildlife documentaries. The aim was to highlight issues around conservation and protection of wildlife through engaging educational content.

The film, “The African Survivors” will be completely shot using Sony A7R Mark II, A7S, A6300 and FS5 cameras. The FS5 was used for video recording with a useful feature of automatic ND Filter built in which helps in varying exposure conditions in framing, eg bushy environment when the light is changing rapidly. The A7R Mark II or A6300 are used specifically for video recording while the A7S was used only for photography purposes. Lenses used are Sony FE 28-135mm, Sony FE 70-200mm F4, and Sigma 150-600mm C. Chris commented that he treasured the small form factor and versatility of the Sony A7 series, while being able to achieve the cinematic look and feel that he needed in his film recordings.

For more information on this film project, you may visit the production company website here. Check out the trailer for The African Survivors below.