Camden Thrasher Snaps Amazing Photos Of Supersonic Aircraft

“I’m focused on what’s actually right in front of me,” candidly replies aviation photographer Camden Thrasher on how he keeps a clear head when airplanes are whizzing around him. An expert at freezing fast-moving aircraft, he’s taken some memorable images of them during his career. We caught up with him to learn more about his passion and also to talk about one shot of his that went viral.

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Vincenzo Pace and His Cameras Soar High for Aerial Photography

“The planes basically became like family to me,” narrates New York City-based professional aviation photographer Vincenzo Pace, about his immersion into the world of aviation as a child. Much like myself, he’s been a lifelong aviation enthusiast and is also a photographer whose aerial work has been published worldwide. Exciting as it looks, shooting air-to-air isn’t for the faint of heart, but the results by skilled photographers like Vincenzo can be astounding. He tells us about how he fell in love with airplanes and when he took the leap to take photos of them from an aerial perspective.

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Justin Sullivan is One of South Africa’s Most Daring Photographers

SA photographer gives thought to his dangerous wildfire and wildlife photography, with images that are equal parts harrowing and compelling.

All images by Justin Sullivan. Used with permission.

“I always wanted to photograph impactful content,” says Justin Sullivan, one of South Africa’s most daring photographers. “I started chasing fires around the Cape, running up mountains in my shorts and flip flops (sandals)…Looking back now, it was extremely dangerous and irresponsible.” In only six years, Justin’s determination has taken him from the front lines of devastating wildfires, to the epicenter of the war on wildlife poaching.

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A Spectacular Point-and-Shoot With Wings: DJI Mini 2 Review

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If a point-and-shoot camera drank a Red Bull and sprouted wings, it would look something like the DJI Mini 2. A compact folding drone, the Mini 2 doesn’t dazzle with the larger sensors and high megapixel count of the company’s pricier quadcopters. Instead, it impresses with a lower price point and easy-to-use features to get drone newbies — like myself — off the ground.

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Gabor Nagy Reveals the Otherworldly Abstract Rivers of Iceland

All photos by Gabor Nagy. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Not so long ago, we placed the spotlight on the stunning aerial photos of Iceland’s Stampar volcanic crater row which were snapped by Gabor Nagy in the Reykjanes Peninsula. It was yet another reason why Iceland is one of the most otherworldly places on Earth. However, the Budapest-based photographer and Sony Ambassador wasn’t done yet. In another installment from his Iceland From Above series, he takes us deeper into the island nation’s magical landscapes for a fascinating view of its frozen rivers.

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Tobias Hägg Uses a Drone to Make the Oceans Look Ever So Stunning

All photos by Tobias Hägg. Used with permission.

In much of the impressive landscape photography set by the ocean that we have featured, we were given a front-row seat to stunning scenes from the shoreline. The work invited us to see roaring waves and dreamy seasides as if we were there ourselves, or reimagine them entirely. Stockholm-based Tobias Hägg’s approach, however, is about showcasing the unpredictable and sometimes frightening beauty of the ocean from above. The result is Our Oceans, a breathtaking abstract series illustrating beautiful hues and textures that can only be seen from a drone’s perspective.

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Gabor Nagy Showcases the Magnificent Little Volcanoes of Iceland

All photos by Gabor Nagy. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’ve ever needed more reasons to believe that Iceland is one of the most magical and otherworldly places on Earth, the stunning aerial photographs of Gabor Nagy will definitely give you another. In part four of his Iceland From Above series, the Budapest-based photographer and Sony Ambassador takes us to the Stampar volcanic crater row in the Reykjanes Peninsula. Not only does this selection strongly suggest checking out the region if we haven’t yet, but also showcases more of the otherworldly landscapes that Iceland has come to be known for.

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Photography Cheat Sheet: Capturing the City from Above

Been wanting to get into aerial photography but aren’t sure where to begin? We have a quick photography cheat sheet just for you.

Aerial photography has become one of the most popular photography genres as of late, thanks to the widespread availability of drone cameras. With the latest innovations in drone photography, aspiring aerial photographers and videographers can now create stunning, pro-quality photos and footage. But, as with all kinds of photography, it can be confusing for beginners to figure out what camera settings to use. Today’s photography cheat sheet addresses just that.

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Discover the World Like Never Before Through This Drone Photo Book

Looking for the next inspiring volume to add to your photo book collection? You might want to check out this aerial ode to the world shot using drones.

We’ve featured a lot of impressive aerial photography and drone photography over the years, not only to commend the outstanding photographers but to also portray the unique perspectives the genre brings. This time, we focus the spotlight on a book of drone photos that makes for a beautiful reintroduction to Mexico City and the rest of the world. Currently being funded on Kickstarter, The Other View promises to be an exercise in photography and design set to convey interesting perspectives typically inaccessible to us.

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This Cool Zeiss Jena Aerial Survey System Uses Film

This Zeiss Jena LMK-2000 aerial survey camera is up for grabs for anyone with a serious passion for everything aerial photography.

Today’s vintage find is quite an unusual package, but we’re sure it’s something aerial photographers will appreciate. Drones have now replaced dedicated aerial camera systems that use analog imaging. But for those who still want to give analog a try, this Zeiss Jena LMK-2000 Aerial Survey Mapping Camera system up for grabs is an available option, provided they have the budget for it as it’s not exactly cheap even if it’s old technology!

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Galin Vasilev Unveils the Textures of Bulgaria Through Aerial Photography

All photos by Galin Vasilev. Used with Creative Commons permission. 

We often turn to aerial photography to marvel at perspectives that are typically hidden from us. Today’s featured body of work is yet another beautiful example. In his series titled Symbiosis, Bulgarian photographer Galin Vasilev showcases a stunning collection of textures from his country, as revealed by his aerial snaps. If you’re a big fan of abstract approaches to photography, we think you should definitely check this out.

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Tom Hegen’s Beautiful Abstract Photos Explore the Namib Desert

All photos by Tom Hegen. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Looking for some landscape photography, abstract photography, and aerial photography inspiration? Today’s featured series by Munich-based Tom Hegen is all of those, rolled into one. He’s one of the talented aerial photographers that we’ve been following for some time now for their stunning perspectives of the most fascinating spots on the planet. Sand dunes, for example, are one of the famous natural wonders that hold aerial photographers spellbound. The latest example is Hegen’s Sand Dune Series, the most recent in his collection of beautiful aerial snaps.

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Mitch Rouse: Stunning Aerial Photos in Glorious Medium Format

All photos by Mitch Rouse. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If the unique abstract quality of aerial photography is your cup of tea, you must have been on the lookout for our next featured body of work. To inspire you today, we bring the stunning work of Wyoming-based Mitch Rouse, showcasing a variety of landscapes and terrains that look otherworldly when viewed from above. As latest additions to our favorite aerial snaps, they make perfect examples of how changes in perspective can reveal nature’s artistry and penchant for abstract imagery.

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Kevin Krautgartner Plays with Light and Shadow in Aerial Photos of Dunes

All photos by Kevin Krautgartner. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following a lot of outstanding aerial photography lately for the abstract imagery they offer to intrepid photographers. It’s exciting to see them uncover nature’s breath-taking art that stays hidden from most of us. It’s also interesting how each shot is a testament to the impact of perspective on perception. Case in point is the expanse of sand dunes that German photographer Kevin Krautgartner captured to present a mesmerizing dance of light and shadows.

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Paolo Pettigiani’s Infrared DJI Mavic Pro 2 Shot The Maldives

All photos by Paolo Pettigiani. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve been following the work of Italian graphic designer and photographer Paolo Pettigiani for quite some time, mesmerized by his infrared renditions of some of the world’s most famous locations. The latest of these takes us to The Maldives, a tropical nation already stunning on its own, but even more eye-catching in infrared. This series becomes that much more striking with the addition of aerial photography!

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Julieanne Kost Gives Us a Stunning Bird’s Eye View of Iceland

All photos by Julieanne Kost. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Our recent fascination for breathtaking aerial photography continues today. This time, we turn to the work of California-based Julieanne Kost, who recently shared the abstract beauty of Iceland’s landscapes as seen from above. Whether you’ve been looking for inspiration or great examples of aerial photography, or like seeing well-known travel destinations in a new perspective, we’re sure this series is worth checking out.

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Kevin Krautgartner Reveals the Pastel Beauty of Australia’s Salterns

All photos by Kevin Krautgartner. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If aerial photography is your passion and you’re looking for more impressive work to inspire you, we’re sure the work of German fine art, architecture, and landscape photographer Kevin Krautgarner fits the bill. In his two-part series titled Australian Salt, he gives us a bird’s eye view of the colorful salt evaporation ponds in Australia. Aerial photography brings to our attention some of nature’s most mesmerizing shapes and patterns. But in this case, we’re all eyes on the surprisingly artful colors we don’t usually associate with the process of salt making.

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Tom Leighton Portrays Nevada Desert as an Alien Landscape in Red

All photos by Tom Leighton. Used with Creative Commons permission.

We’ve had a fair number of impressive photography projects that portray certain locations as alien landscapes, made either through landscape photography or aerial photography. We’re glad to add one more to the pile: a surreal series depicting Nevada as an alien desert expanse. Tom Leighton, who we previously featured for his minimalist abstract series on contrails, has made a dramatic shift to a rusty red color scheme for this body of work. Whether you’re into aerial photography or photographing landscapes in more surreal styles, this project will surely inspire you.

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Marco Grassi’s Aerial Photography Reveals Earth’s Most Otherworldly Textures

Marco Grassi shows us more of nature’s wonders that aerial photography opens our eyes to.

With the advent of drone photography came greater accessibility to the art (and technicality) of aerial photography, and it’s been truly amazing to see what photographers have been creating with it. Tom Hegen‘s minimalist-inspired projects are great examples, and we definitely are keen on adding more to the pile. The latest in our roster of favorites is the stunning, otherworldly series of Italian photographer Marco Grassi. If you’re interested in aerial photography or drone photography, we’re sure this series will give you the inspiration and further push that you need.

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Tom Hegen Reveals the Abstract Beauty of Greens and Gardens

All photos by Tom Hegen. Used with permission.

Refreshing gardens and verdant locations are eye-catching on their own, but we can trust Tom Hegen to them to us in new and remarkable ways. Last time we saw him work with foliage; he transformed stretches of man-made forests into minimalist art. In yet another beautiful aerial series, the Munich-based photographer took inspiration from gardens, cultivation sites, and patches of green to reveal the abstract charm that can only come from the view above. Continue reading…