Cheap Photo: Sony A6000 $348, A7R2 $1,398, A7 III $1,798, A7R3 $2,498

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It’s hard to go wrong with any of these Sony camera deals!

Sony is bringing its A-game when it comes to holiday sales. If you’ve been eyeing a Sony Mirrorless camera, NOW is the time to buy. The A6000 can be yours for just $398 for the body, $448 with one lens, and $598 with two lenses. The 42.4 Megapixel A7R II is a massive bargain at just $1,398 ($1,498 w/lens), and the A7 III has dropped to only $1,798! To top it off, you can pick up the A7R III for just $2,498. Check out all of these incredible Sony camera deals after the break.

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Cheap Photo: Sony A7 II + 28-70mm Lens for $999, a Sony A7R II for $1598 + Score Big Savings on Other Sony Camera Deals

Sony is putting out some of the best camera deals of the holiday season!

If you have been waiting to see what camera deals this Black Friday and holiday season brings, and you have been hoping that some of Sony’s excellent camera will be on sale, you’re in for a treat. Right now you can grab the Sony A7 II with the 28-70mm lens for just $999! You can also scoop up the A7r II (body only) for $1598, while the pocket sized powerhouse a6000 with two lenses can be yours for just $599! Continue reading…

Essentials: 4 Budget Lenses for Your Sony FE Camera

What are the basic, essential lenses that every Sony Mirrorless Photographer could use to create their art? 

Photography is a wonderful thing; pick up any camera and any lens and with them you can capture the world, for just a moment, to be preserved as long as the medium which holds it survives. It is a timeless, though under appreciated, a gift to the future. But if you are new to photography, or maybe just new to having a dedicated camera (upgraded from your smartphone, for example) you may be wondering what lenses you need for your new Sony Mirrorless camera.

Well, it’s just your luck that this post is all about that; the essential lenses for your Sony Mirrorless camera system. So, if you are ready, let’s jump on into it… Continue reading…

First Impressions: Sony A7R III (Sample Images Included)

The Sony a7r III is pretty darned impressive

So as you have no doubt heard, Sony just announced their newest A7 series camera, the A7R III, which features some pretty impressive improvements over the A7R II. Notably, the A7R III retains the same exact 42.4MP sensor as the A7R II but with virtually every other component of the internal hardware of the camera being completely redone. As such, Sony was able to squeeze out every last drop of performance from this sensor. Continue reading…

The Sony A7R III Features 15 Stops of Dynamic Range and the Sony a9’s Autofocus

The Sony a7r III borrows a lot from the Sony a9.

Sony has just announced the latest addition to their A7 line of full-frame mirrorless cameras, bringing the series into its third generation with this announcement of the Sony A7R III. The camera features the same 42.4MP sensor as its predecessor, the A7R II, but with some key improvements to the processor and AF technologies that will make this a really enticing camera to those looking for a great blend of resolution and speed. Continue reading…

Review: Sony 12-24mm f4 G FE (Sony E Mount, Full Frame)

The Sony 12-24mm f4 G FE was announced earlier this year hot on the heels of Sigma’s own lens–and for the photographer who loves to shoot wide this lens could be the only lens you’ll care to travel with. The Sony 12-24mm f4 G FE was designed with weather resistance and is being touted as a G lens, not to be mistaken with the company’s G Master offerings. Like many of Sony’s higher end lenses, it’s a pretty pricy offering but we need to expect that from a wide angle lens. Lenses like the Sony 12-24mm f4 G FE are most suited for travel photography, landscapes, astrophotography, architecture and to some degree extreme sports. It’s also fun at parties if you’re looking to get a unique perspective. But photographers may have a tough choice between the Sony 12-24mm f4 G FE and the 16-35mm f2.8.

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Party Time! 10 Cameras With AF That Can Handle The Dance Floor

If you are an event photographer of any sort, be it a wedding or other gathering, chances are good that you may find yourself in a low-light situation pretty regularly. In a fast paced low-light environment your camera’s AF is critical to achieving quality images in that sort of setting, and as we all know, not all cameras are created equal when it comes to low-light AF.

So, what camera(s) should you be considering if you know that shooting a party is a likely scenario for you? Look no further, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading…

Cheap Photo: Sony Trade In Savings

E Mount Lenses

Sony really wants you to join their ranks, and to give you a little added incentive they are running their ever popular trade in program where you can get up to $450 credit towards your new Sony gear when you trade in your old gear. The catch about doing this online is that you have to buy your gear before you send in your trade in, so there is some overlap, so we recommend going into a participating retail location to take advantage. But for those interested in taking advantage of this online, here are some current Sony prices on new gear you may be interested in…

  • Sony A7: [amazon_link asins=’B00FRDUZXM’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’75dc9b98-1fd0-11e7-8f1c-23b8a1426b84′]
  • Sony A7R II: [amazon_link asins=’B00ZDWGFR2′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’86e4326f-1fd0-11e7-bd2e-4704999c5609′]
  • Sony A6300: [amazon_link asins=’B01BFD1CYI’ template=’PriceLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’8f0c5c8b-1fd0-11e7-9c47-298cf43ebb82′]
  • Sony A6500: [amazon_link asins=’B01MD0SUG7′ template=’PriceLink’ store=’thephobl-20′ marketplace=’US’ link_id=’9795446e-1fd0-11e7-8ffc-5b4f1a1b1abf’]

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Review: Sony a99 II

In some ways, it perplexes me that Sony still has the a99 and Alpha series of cameras. Sure, they’re from the Minolta days and have a heritage behind them, but admittedly the company doesn’t push them anywhere as hard as they do their E mount lineup. I wish they did though–Minolta was at one time one of the most important camera companies in the world. So if you look at the Sony a99 II and trace its evolution, you honestly won’t see a whole lot of that heritage sans the mount. But this could arguably also be said for the original a99 with the new hot shoe. In all honesty though, that choice was for the better.

The Sony a99 II is a camera packed to the brim with technology. If you’re not convinced by the high megapixel full frame sensor, then you’ll be shocked to know it’s also capable of shooting sports and fast motion very well with its highly improved autofocus system. Indeed, this is the best that Sony can deliver.

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The Interfit S1 Monolight is Now Compatible with Sony Cameras

A while back, we tested the Interfit S1 and found it to be a pretty good alternative to Phottix and Profoto though not as good as the Flashpoint option in some ways. Today, the company announced that the Interfit S1 is now available to work with Sony cameras that boast the multi-interface shoe. This boosts the options that Sony strobists now have by quite a bit overall.

These lights offer TTL, HSS, wireless flash control via a radio transmitter, have a pretty great build quality, and are overall quite solid. Some of the reliability issues have been fixed from what I’ve been told and so it’s shaping up to become an even better monolight overall. Yet at the same time though, it’s tough to beat the Flashpoint Xplor600’s price point. However, Interfit’s light modifiers are some of the best bang for your buck options out there: like with their parabolic umbrellas.

More specs are after the jump.

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Upgrading from the Canon Rebel: A Guide on Choosing Your Next Camera

One of the most popular dedicated cameras out there today has to be the Canon Rebel in all its iterations. They’re honestly fantastic cameras that are quite capable of producing professional level results. At a certain point in a photographer’s progression though, you’ll often find they’re a bit lacking and that you may want more. But at the same time, a photographer also has to make the decision on whether they want to stick with the same system or move to another.

To help you out, we’ve gone through our reviews index to figure out what’s best for you.

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Which Sony E Mount Camera Is The One For You? The Easy Answers

Sony’s mirrorless cameras are at the forefront of an ever evolving photographic industry, and in a market where product cycles usually range from three to five years, Sony has blown up that trend and regularly updated their A7 series cameras much more often than the norm. This has led to there quickly being six relatively new A7 full frame cameras, in addition to the APS-C based A6000 and A6300. This makes shopping for a Sony mirrorless a little confusing; and you’re bound to be asking yourself stuff and wondering if you need the latest model, do you need the higher ISO, or resolution or faster auto focus, etc. In today’s post we break it down and share our picks for which Sony mirrorless camera is right for you.

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