Sabine Metz’s Sweet Agony Photo Series is Unsettlingly Thought Provoking


All photos by Sabine Metz. Used with permission.

Sabine Metz is a 22 year old photographer in the Netherlands. She is self taught and likes to shoot portraits, weddings, fashion, etc. Sabine recently did a series called Sweet Agony, and upon seeing the photos, we were hit with loads of different feelings towards them. The use of lighting adds some interesting shadows to the series as does placement of the lollipops, the models’ expressions, and the uber serious body language mixed with the tight proper attire.

After looking at the series, we decided to talk to Sabine about it and investigate the meaning behind it.

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“Lumiere” is a Tintype Photobooth on Wheels


Image courtesy of Adrian Whipp & Loren Doyen.

Tintype photography is a lost art. The term “tintype” is a bit of a misnomer as no actual tin is used. The process, which originated in the mid 1800s, entails coating a metal plate, usually iron, in collodion to prepare it for light sensitivity. The coated plated is then dipped in a silver nitrate solution which makes it light-sensitive. The plate is then loaded into the camera, exposed, and taken into the darkroom for processing. The rest of it entails a bit of chemistry, but this is the process by which many photographs were made way back in the day. And it is the process by which Adrian Whipp and Loren Doyen create their portraits in Lumiere, their tintype studio-on-wheels in Austin, Texas.

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Put a PEZ Dispenser On Your Camera to Get a Young Child to Look at the Camera



Though this trick has been around for a while, it is always nice to sometimes revisit the old ways. If you want a young child to look at your camera, try putting a PEZ dispenser in the hot shoe. Then when you’ve got their attention, act fast and snap the photo.

This tip comes from It’s Always Autumn. It’s usually a great idea to have the character’s head be something that the kid likes too: like Superman, Batman, or someone else.

Conversely, for any millenial that remembers how awesome PEZ was, it’s a great way to get us to look at the camera as well.

Liquids in Motion: The High Speed Work of Jim Kramer


All images by Jim Kramer. Used with permission

High speed photography is an incredibly specialized form of fine-art and one that takes a fair amount of practice to master. Jim Kramer has been dedicating his work to working with liquids since 2011 and has really been creating some incredible works of art. Head on past the break for some words from Jim and samples of his beautiful creations.

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Fake Tutorial Video Tries to Teach Senior Citizens About Instagram


Sometimes teaching the less tech savvy amongst us can be difficult. Besides trying to teach someone who purchased a smartphone how to use it, it can be an even more hysterical experience trying to teach them how to use simple apps like Instagram. TeamCoCo recently tried to do that–by showing seniors how to use Instagram and calling it an emerging technology. And of course, it features the absolute worst of the platform–such as how awful some selfies are.

If you’re one of the folks that doesn’t like Instagram (and there are many of you out there) sit back and have a laugh after the jump.


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Watch This Slow Motion Photo Booth and Its Nutty Characters


Photo booths are always really fun, but they usually just feature a single image and that’s all. The studio known as Super Frog Saves Tokyo has created something just a bit different. Instead of capturing a single image, they document an entire scene in slow motion. In order to do this, they shot it on the RED Epic, which means that they needed a heck of a lot of light to capture this correctly. And like every photo booth, they had everyone doing something silly or fun. But when something like this is also cut to Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines, it becomes even cooler.

Seriously, check it out after the jump.

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Bored Today? Kill 5 Minutes and Play Space Invaders With Cameras


Udi over at DIYPhotography has to be one of the coolest and creative folks in the photoverse that we know. And to help promote the Light Blaster flash modifier, he has programmed a short space invaders game. But this isn’t just some game: you’ll be blasting loads of cameras and reacting quite quickly as well. At the lower end is the traditional black DSLR (looks very Nikon-like) followed by what looks like a Pentax DSLR and then an OMD style camera.

The controls require you using the arrow keys to move and spacebar to fire. And now you can waste all the time you want by playing it after the jump.

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Tumblr Blog Post Features Overlays of Breaking Bad Scenes in Real Life Albuquerque


If you’re really into the show Breaking Bad (and if you’re not, don’t get into it because you’ll lose your social life), then you’ll appreciate this Tumblr blog post that takes scenes from the hit TV show and overlays them into real life Albuquerque where the show takes place. The images are featured on the 4dirtypaws Tumblr that is an aggregation of lots of images. However, we’re not exactly sure where the images came from and who is behind the project. It seems to be inspired by the Reality overlay images and Dear Photograph setups that have become so popular.

Uproxx originally found the images, and further research shows a Google Map list that shows the scenes where Breaking Bad was filmed.

We’d love to know who originally created the images, but for the meantime, you can check them out after the jump.

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This Video on the Work of Reuters War Photographer Goran Tomasevic Will Give You the Creeps

REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

If photojournalism is the prime discipline of photography, then war photography is most definitely the prime discipline of photojournalism. And certainly the most dangerous, life-threatening and psychologically challenging. There’s nothing beautiful about war. And while pictures from seemingly victorious troops are often used propagandistically to both rectify and glorify a war, the fact of the matters is that war is probably the ugliest thing there is in this world. Nevertheless, there are those that are drawn to conflict zones, who put themselves in harms way time and again, in order to show the world what is really going on.

One of these brave souls is Goran Tomasevic, who has been documenting war zones for Reuters for twenty years now. The video below showcases some of his work, and features Tomasevic explaining why he does what he does. But be aware: it contains some strong imagery, and may not be suited for the faint-hearted.

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Indian Camera Collector Breaks Own World Record, Owns Over 4k Cameras

Dilish Parekh Camera Collection via India Book of Records

One would think that as a working photojournalist, you’d own you fair share of cameras throughout your life. Maybe a couple dozen or so. But in the case of Mr Dilish Parekh, you’d be wrong to assume so. Very wrong. As a matter of fact, the Mumbai resident holds the world record for the largest collection of stills cameras. To this date, his collection comprises over 4,400 items, ranging from historic Canons over Leicas and Nikons to Voigtländers and what have you. It all began when his late father gave him a collection of about 600 cameras, to which Parekh subsequently added more. “Cameras are my life. I can’t stay without them,” he says. Go figure.

So, next time your significant other asks you whether you really need so many cameras, point them at this. Things can look so different from another perspective …

Via La Vida Leica via PetaPixel

Miley Cyrus Gives High Art the Robin Thicke Treatment

Buzzfeed Miley Cyrus Twerking

Miley Cyrus stunned audiences around the world this past Sunday night with what is considered a tragic attempt at “twerking”. Facebook and Twitter exploded shortly after the episode, and Robin Thicke considered moving out of the country. Buzzfeed found a trove of images with Miss Montana desecrating high art. Check them out, and try to stifle your gag reflex. The Phoblographer doesn’t support desecration, but this is tragically entertaining.

Via Buzzfeed

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Sam Taylor Wood’s “Crying Men” Cuts Right to the Core of Masculinity

julius motal the phoblographer crying men image 4

Crying is oftentimes taken as a sign of vulnerability, an openness with one’s emotions to the world. Images of men crying are scarce, and when we come across them, our perceptions of manhood are challenged. Sam Taylor Wood, a photographer, seeks to challenge common notions with portraits of famous actors in their most fragile state. The men featured have been at the forefront of contemporary cinema, and in their leading roles, they have often eschewed tearful performances in favor of gritty realism. Robin Williams, Tim Roth, Laurence Fishburne, Daniel Craig, Ed Harris, Gabriel Byrne, and Robert Downey, Jr. are among the group who participated in Taylor’s project. Head on to see some more in this sobering series.

Editors’ Note: We acknowledge that the series is three years old already. However, when we came across it on SLR Lounge, we found it so powerful that we decided to share it.

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RED’s Dragon is Breathing Fire With These Samples From Tom Lowe


Tom Lowe (of Timescapes and Dreamcore fame) is someone you could call a fan of RED cameras, being a huge advocate of their system and producing some truly jaw-dropping work with their beyond-HD capabilities. Over the past week Tom has been using a prototype RED Dragon camera on location in Sri Lanka to see what it can do with regard to dynamic range. Tom has been sharing his results so far with the RedUser forums, and we’re sharing some of that information with you; head on past the break for more.

Via Gizmodo

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This Image was Made from 1,400 People Waving at the Cassini Spacecraft

julius motal the phoblographer cassini earth wave

Cassini’s been in orbit around Saturn since 2004, and it’s never coming home. Late last month, NASA organized the “Wave at Saturn” event in which it asked folks to submit photos of themselves waving at the spacecraft. The images came from 1,400 folks across 30 states and 40 countries. With an image of earth as the base, NASA turned the submitted images into a mosaic, and it’s a stunning example of space’s power to bring people together. You can check out the full size image here.

Via Gizmodo

Is Stop Motion Video the New Big Trend on Instagram?


Though video for Instagram has been out for a while now, a new trend has emerged overall that some of us probably didn’t even realize would come. As with lots of the other big trends in video, it was only a matter of time before one form of the art became really big on Instagram. That form is stop motion video. At the moment, there are over 30,000 posts on Instagram with the #stopmotion hashtag and it’s bound to only climb higher. However, despite a very strong initial start with video, most folks still mostly post images and unless you’re Desert Friends, you’re probably not looking to create a whole web series involving Instagram video.

A couple of notable uses of videos are a What’s in the Bag video done by National Geographic and California based Fashion Photographer Bryant Eslava using video to show off lots of his portfolio work for the past couple of years.

So how do you do Stop Motion video? A couple days ago, Photojojo posted a quick tip to their Instagram account saying that you can do it using iMovie on your phone.

Those three videos are after the jump; and we can only wait until timelapse Instagrams start happening in mass.

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“Who Shot the Photographer?” Infographic Explores the Forces That Endanger the Professional Photographer

Imagebrief Infographic Who Shot The Photographer

If we can believe the statistics, then the professional photographer is a dying species. With “professional” gear being available even to the amateur, less and less professionals are being hired. And with the ever growing inventory of stock photography, fewer and fewer companies are willing to pay the price for individual photographic jobs. The guys from ImageBrief, a website that uses crowdsourcing as a means to deliver imagery to paying customers, have created above infographic exploring the various forces that are driving the professional photographer towards extinction. If you look at the trends, it becomes clear that it’s increasingly difficult to make a living from photography.

The World’s Largest Pinhole Photograph is Literally as Large as an Airplane Hangar

The Great Picture World's Largest Pinhole Photography Guinness Record

Holy lion of Zion, have you seen this? It’s the world’s largest pinhole photograph, and it’s literally as large as an airplane hangar. And that’s because it was taken inside an airplane hangar. Yes, that’s true. The people that created it converted an abandoned F-18 jet fighter hangar into one ginormous pinhole camera by hanging a cloth of photosensitive material from its ceiling, drilling a hole less than 1/4″ into the front and letting time and photons do the rest.

The project was executed in 2006, and The Great Picture first went on public display in 2007. But before they could actually do it, they’d have to go through long negotiations with authorities. In the end, they were rewarded for their efforts not only with the world’s largest pinhole picture, but also with an entry in the Guinness Book of Records. You can find the whole story over at Alternative Photography.

Peering Into The Past of NYC Compared to Today

Screen Shot 2013-08-21 at 12.49.00 AM

New York City, a place of legend, has seen its share of changes over the decades; of course that is a given considering just how long the city has been around. But it’s not until you look at photos side by side from as far back as the late 1800s that the colossal changes NYC has undergone become so glaringly obvious. Paul Sahner set out to create the website NYC Grid to truly explore and capture the history and soul of this great city. Head on past the break to see what Paul has been up to.

Via Gizmodo

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The LoC Has Put a Series of Amazing 1930s-40s Color Photographs on Flickr

Natchez, Miss.

Natchez, Miss.

The Library of Congress has a huge archive of historic photographs. Some of these, ranging from the 1930s to 1940s, have now been put on Flickr. The amazing thing about these is that they’re exclusively color transparencies–some of the first ever shot. They were taken by photographers working for the United States Farm Security Administration, and show scenes from daily life in the United States, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. They’re focused on rural areas and farm labor, as well as aspects of World War II mobilization, including factories, railroads, aviation training, and women working. The original transparencies range in size from 35mm to 4×5″ large format, and it’s especially the latter that will make your jaw drop.

Via dpreview

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NASA Digitizes Old Moon Photos in an Old McDonalds; Calls it McMoon


They call it McMoon: it’s an old McDonalds that has been rehashed into a scanning facility for NASA. The facility is meant to scan the images that NASA took of the moon’s surface before anyone had gone there–which is pretty much the pristine and totally untouched moon. In McMoon, there are canisters from Lunar Orbiter 1; and we’re not even sure about the scanning technology that they’re using.

Further Google Research reveals Flickr photos that showcase, “48,000 lbs of 70mm tape… the only copy of extremely high-resolution images of the moon.”

Business Week recently interviewed the folks over at the facility, but so did another Vimeo user. And that video is after the jump.

Via Gizmodo and Business Week

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Mugshots from the 1920s are Significantly Cooler Than Mugshots from Today



Images courtesy of the Sydney Living Museums

We recently found this collection from the Sydney Living Museums via the Historic Houses Trust that contain a plethora of mugshots from the 1920s. And the photos themselves were not only kept in impeccable condition but they also have details such as the person’s name, the crime they committed and more.

But even more awesome is the fact that they’re remarkable looking and significantly better than modern day mugshots where the person takes a frontal photo with a sign and side photos.

On the website’s blog, they talk about the over 2,500 glass plate negatives and some cellulose negatives. The photographer perhaps asked the folks to pose themselves. More of the images are after the jump.

Via TwistedSifter

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