Lena Pogrebnaya Used Kodak Portra for this Stunning Fashion Editorial

All images by Lena Pogrebnaya. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Looking into shooting film for your next fashion portraits or editorial project? We’ve found just the right stuff to inspire you. Ukranian fashion photographer and architect Lena Pogrebnaya used the iconic Kodak Portra film to shoot one of her most recent campaigns for a clothing brand. The set is a fine example of why the look of Kodak Portra films remain sought after for today’s portrait and fashion photography.

Pogrebnaya’s set, titled Muse after the clothing brand she shot it for, ticks all the boxes for the look that many of us love about Kodak Portra films (she most likely used Kodak Portra 400 for this editorial). Flattering skin tones? Check. Pastel colors and earthy tones? Check. Creamy contrast? Check. High saturation? Check. Subtle retro vibes? Check.

All of these qualities proved useful for crafting the mood of the campaign, as the outfits and the overall styling tend to be on the simple yet elegant side, with more focus on textures and metallics than bright colors. The film also did great for the shots with a little pop of color or a generous splash of flash, making it one of the most versatile emulsions for these kinds of projects.

With Pogrebnaya also a graduate of the Odessa State Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture, it’s not surprising to find this editorial set against urban geometry. She also cites the Brutalist architecture of the 1950s and 1970s as her primary inspiration, and the essence of her projects show this detail.

According to her bio, “the essence of her projects lies in monumental constructions featuring concrete, granite, decorative tiles of multiple colors and… people merged with the aesthetics.” This quality is especially prominent in editorials like Young Guard, Valkyrie, and Tube.

Go ahead and check out Lena Pogrebnaya’s website and Behance portfolio to see more of her beautiful fashion editorials.