Photographing a 299 Year Old Stradivarius Violin with the Phase One IQ280


Image courtesy of Phase One and Søren Jonesen

When one stumbles upon an incredible rare find, the documentary of the object is often an extremely exciting process. And in a recent behind the scenes video, Phase One definitely didn’t disappoint. If you were a String Orchestra kid growing up (or even if you are now) you’ll be positively awestruck by the video after the jump.

Seeing the way that Soren operates and capturing the images using the Medium Format touchscreen is also quite interesting as you’ll get to take an indepth look into the life and process of a studio photographer.

Phase One teamed up with photographer Søren Jonesen to document a super rare find: a 299 year old Stradivarius violin. This is a very sought after model of violin but finding them in such great condition is extremely rare because of just how thin the wood is and just how fragile violins really are. It’s easy to snap the bridge during tuning or have the tuning pegs become extremely loose. Plus, violin bows often require rosin to give them that sound. Rosin is made of tree sap, and it can break down over time and affect the finish of the violin.

The company published a gallery of the images on their Google Plus page, but there are also more of them on their website.

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The Awesome Photo Colorizations of Michael Catanachapodaca


Lady Louise Cromwell (1911)

All colorization art by Michael Catanachapodaca and used with permission.

Colorization of photos can be extremely tough and often takes loads and loads of thought. And artist Michael Catanachapodaca seems to have it all down to a methodical science. She is a native of Las Cruces, NM. Her graphic design work has been commissioned for various projects, including the cover of Royal Amber by Jeannette Harben and logo/branding design for cocoàgogo solid lotion. Her fine art also can be found in multiple private collections. But as you’ll see in the photos below, she does an excellent job of modernizing so many great vintage photos.

These aren’t all that Michael has done, as she has loads more in her specific portfolio.

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Photographers Get Toddlers to Suck on Lemons and Then Photograph Their Reactions


All images used with permission

The saying goes that if the day gives you lemons, you should make lemonade. But in the case of these toddlers, they’re not quite sure how to do that yet. Photographers April Maciborka and David Wile decided to do just that in this recent portrait series called, Pucker. Some of the reactions are quite interesting and gleefull.

More photos are after the jump.

Via FullyM

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Four Photographers Talk About The Art and Story Behind Their Portraits


Some portraits are a hell of a lot more powerful as a series while others can stand by themselves. But many portrait photographers also have some incredible stories to tell. Recently, PBS did a video on Matt HoyleBex FinchJamie Diamond, andEthan Levitas where they talked about the portraits they create and some of the backstory. Bex has long been known to have quite an interesting story as she partially got into photography because of her dying father. The rest, such as the creativity that Jamie brings to the table, is extremely inspirational and can give photographers new ideas to try out.

Check out the video after the jump.

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This ARRI Alexa Camera Took a 26 Foot Fall Onto Concrete and Continued to Work


Oh man…how would you feel if your camcorder took a major fall? And we’re not talking about a camcorder that two two thousand dollars, but something significantly more. In a recent photoset posted to their Facebook page, Arri told the short story of a camera that took a 26 foot fall onto concrete and continued to function. After it took the massive tumble, the crew charged it up and it kept working. But the Arri team performed a maintenance check and found that there was no serious damage to the camera.

For what it’s worth, the Classic Arri Alexa starter kit is over $80,000.

That poor first AC probably curled up into a ball and cried to himself in the corner. More images are after the jump.

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Photos from Kurt Cobain’s Last Photo Shoot

Last Kurt Cobain's Photo Shoot by Jesse Frohman (5)

All images by Jesse Frohman. Used with permission

Very recently, Rolling Stone did an interview with Jesse Frohman–the last photographer that had a formal shoot with Nirvana’s famed frontman Kurt Cobain. The account of the event, which is featured on Shooting Film, give us an inside look at how both a photographer works in a situation gone wrong and how Kurt Cobain acted. According to the story, Drummer Dave Grohl (who would later front the Foo Fighters) and Bassist Krist Novocelic both showed up on time and ready to work. But Kurt showed up hours late and the first thing that he asked for was a bucket to puke in.

Jesse was angry throughout the shoot, but states that Kurt was extremely nice and that he had to turn Kurt into a human mold. Kurt never liked to look glamorous either–and as many know he was a heavy drug user.

We got permission from Frohman to share the images. And they’re after the jump.

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Man Steals Phone, Gets Photos of Life Turned Into a Tumblr


There are lots of thrifty ways to track down cell phone thieves. While most folks decide to show off photos, one person who had their phone stolen decided that that wasn’t enough. As a result, the person created a Tumblr blog called, “Life of a Stranger Who Stole my Phone.” In the quick description of the blog, we find that the man’s name is Hafid and that he lives in Dubai. Plus, he forgot to turn off the Camera Upload function, so that just adds more fuel to the fire.

According to Laughing Squid, the person who got their phone stolen is a German tourist. And as a result, Hafid apparently found the blog and commented saying that he was sorry, and didn’t steal the phone. Instead, he said that he found it in the street.

The blog is really quite hilarious, and shows how photos can help solve a crime.

This Photo Was Turned Into This to Become an ESPN Magazine Cover


Image by Thomas Campbell. Used with permission

Sometimes we don’t realize just how much editing goes into an image for it to become a cover. There is a wonderful theory in photojournalism that cropping an image can totally change the way that a story flows and is presented. And in the case of the image above shot by former Phoblographer Technical Editor Thomas Campbell (who did an excellent job helping us on the 5D Mk III review) the image made the cover of ESPN Magazine, but is a totally different image from the original. There is a heavy crop, stylized colors and a silhouette to make it appeal more to the magazine’s readers and current art trends.

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Cheap Hack: Use a Gallon of Water to Stabilize a Tripod


If you don’t want to lug around a sandbag or bring one, a neat alternative comes from this thrifty hack from Instructables. The hack is for stabilizing a telescope, but it goes double for a tripod–and all you have to do is bring a good ol’ gallon of H20. Sometimes, you can be in heavy winds or if you were in a situation like mine recently: shooting a timelapse against the shore line where you place the tripod on a log that might have possibly tilted. If you’re shooting a timelapse, it’s important to keep your tripod sturdy anyway.

MIDTOWN is a Timelapse About The Chaos That is Midtown Manhattan


The creatives at District 7 Media have put together a timelapse video of what it’s like to be in Midtown NYC–where us locals jokingly state is where we quarantine our tourists. It showcases various locations and gives viewers an inside view with some angles not even being accessible to most folks. According to the Vimeo listing, it took six months to compile all of this together and require travelling back and forth from Washington DC to NYC.

Some of these shots are also super tough to pull off as cops in NYC might give you a hard time, so you’ll have to come back every now and then to try to regroup, get the shots quickly and then move off. NYC laws state that as long as you aren’t taking up more than 6 feet of space for your production, you don’t really need to obtain a permit.

Enough talk though, check out the video after the jump.

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This Timelapse of Famous European Structures at Night Is Mesmerizing


If there is anything in the world that would make you want to go take a European vacation, it is this timelapse video. Creative Luke Shepherd spent time travelling Europe and touring many famous structures–then shooting a timelapse of them all at night. Besides the obvious monetary and time efforts spent in just capturing this footage (36 cities and 21 countries), we then need to consider all of the post-production and time spent perhaps reshooting. All of this was made possible through Kickstarter. The final video though is a true masterpiece and is cut to some excellent orchestral music.

After watching this on my Macbook Retina display, I decided to check it out on my Apple TV hooked up to the television in my living room–and that does it tremendously more justice. Check it out after the jump; but we seriously recommend watching this when you get home on your television.

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National Geographic Releases Interactive Feature on Lions


Those of you who like cats may want to check out the big boys, and girls! National Geographic has recently released an interactive feature with Lions. You can scroll through various sections and check out mini video clips in almost a similar style to Vine or Instagram–but without the filters. Instead you’ll get some crystal clear footage of lions being themselves.

Seriously, your lunch break will be significantly more exciting with this.

JD, Husband of Jasmine Star, Talks About What’s in His Gear Bag


Wedding photographers sometimes have the most interesting camera bag contents. JD is famed Wedding Photographer Jasmine Star’s other half, and he often second shoots her weddings. Not familiar with the couple? They hail from Southern California. Jasmine was voted Top 10 Wedding Photographer in the World, Top 5 Most Influential Photographers, and her work has graced the pages of the world’s leading wedding publications. Today, they are teaching a free course on The Art of Being a Second Shooter today on creativeLIVE.

But as a quick teaser, check out what JD has in his camera bag after the jump.

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Ben Zank’s Black and White Self Portraits Emphasize Concept Over Technique


All images copyright of Ben Zank. Used with permission

“The inspiration came after looking at some photographs by Rodney Smith. I’m also slightly colorblind, so doing some photos in black and white gave me a chance to focus entirely on the concept rather than the color.” says photographer Ben Zank on his recent self-portrait efforts. Ben is an NYC based photographer that hails from the Bronx, and that caught the photo bug when he found an old Pentax SLR in his grandmother’s attic. Ben often tries to come up with different fine art concepts for his images.

They can be described as surreal and almost based out of fantasy. More from this series is after the jump.

Be sure to check him out on Facebook as well as checking out his website.

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Man on Bridge is the Story of a Man Who Photographed 182,500 Dubliners


Most street photographers walk around a city to try something new. But one man named Arthur Fields spent all his time on the O’Connell bridge in Dublin, Ireland. He was such a mainstay that there is now a documentary being produced on him–but it’s not your typical doc. Instead, the creators of Man on Bridge are encouraging people to upload their photos that he shot of them in the 50 years that he photographed people.

“Ultimately, in a time where we are over-photographed, we want Man on Bridge to remind people how important the physical photo is as an object to value and hold on to for years.”

A Google Plus Group has a couple of the photos already verified as Arthur’s, while a simple website designed by his grandson has barely any information on the man otherwise. The trailer for the project is after the jump.

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This Beautiful Time Lapse Has One Absolutely Horrifying Moment


Video by Darwinfish105

If you’re like me, you like staring at the rain (or being in it). And time lapses can capture it quite beautifully. This recent time lapse that we found on Vimeo though is still quite beautiful, but there is one moment that is really scary. Last year in NYC, we had some very frightening storms, and the scene at around 00:38 reminds us of just those moments. Basically, a giant cloud formation covers the entire city and grays it all out.

It probably wasn’t as intense on the ground, but it goes to show that framing is key.

We talked to Camille Seaman, a professional storm chaser and photographer not long ago and also featured a time lapse of a super cell storm in Texas. And this one isn’t as scary, but it still totally gives you the heebie jeebies.

The video is after the jump.

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Chris Hadfield Posts a Vertigo Inducing View of Niagara Falls


When most folks post photos of Niagara Falls, they’re often very low to the ground and on a very human perspective. But Commander Chris Hadfield (the commander of the ISS) decided to one up nearly everything else ever shot. This photo, posted on his Twitter, was obviously taken with a camera mounted onto the side of a plane while it was flying sideways over the famous tourist location. Now, saying that it is vertigo inducing is a major understatement. Not many photogs get to post views from this high up and doing this death-defying a stunt.

Maybe Chris really want to get back into the air?

This Baby Was Crying Until It Realized That it Was Taking Selfies


If nothing has proven to you that selfies make people smile, here is some quite spectacular evidence. A woman’s baby was crying and wanted attention, because you know, babies do things like that. And then it realized that it can take selfies on a laptop. Very quickly, that frown got turned upside down.

This reminds us of the app that allows your cat to take selfies–perhaps someone will figure out an easier way to babies to do this.

More photos of the baby are after the jump.

Via Happy Place and Reddit

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Replica of the Camera that Went to the Moon is Only $75,000 on eBay…Only

julius motal the phoblographer hasselblad moon

It might be time to call the bank for a loan because this camera up for auction on eBay is from a very select group. The Hasselblad 500EL was built for space with enlarged nobs for easy use with space gloves, and in an effort to cut down on weight, there’s no mirror and no waist-level finder. With $1,500 for shipping alone, the 500EL ships with a Carl Zeiss Planar 80mm f2.8C lens and a 250mm f5.6C lens. These, too, have been tweaked for use with space gloves. The camera belonged to the head of Canadian distribution for Hasselblad before going up for auction, and it comes with some original documentation regarding Hasselblad’s moon camera program. The other 500EL’s are still on the moon as they were ejected to reduce weight for the return flight.

The moon’s calling. She wants you to take her picture.

Via Pop Photo

Michael Kamber and Louie Palu Talk About Photographing The War in Iraq and Afghanistan


Stories from photographers on the front lines are sometimes amongst the toughest to swallow. And this one from Photographers Michael Kamber and Louie Palu are no different. Kamber is an NYTimes photographer and has been featured in Leica marketing videos about how his Leica M has survived near hell. But the video below isn’t about the gear. Instead, it is about incredibly powerful and captivating storytelling through images and words. Kamber talks about some of the tough times, such as when Saddam came out of power and mass graves were dug up so that families could identify they bodies. While hearing this is quite intense, seeing it is even more so.

The story and video is partially to promote a new book called, “Photojournalists on War: The Untold Stories from Iraq.” And the words from Kamber hit home even more as he talks about certain things that the US Government needs to think about and consider the next time that we get into a military venture.

Louie agrees, and states that traditional American journalism wasn’t the way that he wanted to talk about the war. The video is after the jump, and we strongly recommend a look.

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