“There’s Too Many Cameras on the Market”

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Canon Rebel T5i product images (1 of 9)ISO 4001-30 sec at f - 2.8

There is a video that will probably go slightly viral and is currently on the top of Reddit’s Photography section, with a rant from a man that is clearly saying there are too many cameras on the market. Amongst the complaints are the fact that both Canon and Nikon have updated last year with lots of new cameras and the fact that him and other people are confused about the new features and which one they should get. We’ve debated the video back and forth in staff emails and while some of us see this as just a troll, there is a lot more behind it than the man’s demeanor.

I’m a former employee of B&H Photo Video Pro Audio and not only did I have to deal with consumers, but other co-workers who had no idea what they should get. People that should have a Rebel instead go for a 5D Mk III for example and people that should be purchasing a mirrorless camera are instead getting a DSLR simply for the Canon or Nikon name. And the major problem is that there isn’t enough clear education on what someone should get or how the features can be used to make one a better photo snapper or a photographer. And to add to this problem, last year we saw a major flood of new products for the simple reason that no one released anything major the year prior due to the natural distasters that took place in Japan and Taiwan.

Many photographers have trouble focusing on shooting when new gear is constantly being released. With today’s tech, we are conditioned/pressured to thinking that we need the newest gear to get the best photos possible. While many of us know this is not true (coming from a guy that just sold his original 5D), there are people out there that are more interested in the gear than the process of creating photographs.

Either way, check out the video below–it’s surely a source of some good conversation. For the record, to this day I still receive loads of emails and Facebook messages asking similar questions that this video incites.

Mike Pouliot contributed to the creation of this post

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This Slow Motion Holi Festival Video Will Make You Want to Protect Your Camera

Holi from Variable on Vimeo.

The Hindu Festival of Holi falls once a year and is a celebration involving people throwing powder and dyes at one another. Growing up and having a father who was an active religious part of the Indian community, this video from last year’s Holi festival hits right at home with me. Here in NYC, we’re going to have our Holi festival tomorrow–and as someone who has gone to these things I can tell you from experience to cover up your camera with a Rain Guard. When I was younger, the stains sometimes wouldn’t come off my skin for days.

And while this video sure is cool and uses slow motion video to make it even more so, I can guarantee you that every parade will involve lots of people throwing powder and dye at one another and will be nowhere as calm as this.

This Oz Inspired Engagement Shoot Explores Dorothy and Oz Falling In Love


All images are owned by Dana Grant. Used with permission

The movie Oz has been out in theaters for a while now, but for those of you that have always been a fan of the books (I’ve downloaded and read 12) you’ll probably become smitten with this recent shoot. Dana Grant is a photographer based on California and is quite the stylish snapper–as well as one heck of a creative. For this particular shoot though, Dana explores the notion of what would happen if Dorothy and Oz fell for one another. And wow, did she nail this universe so well. She got the details perfect–everything from the yellow brick road, the wardrobe and all.

Take a look at some other photos after the jump. But be sure to check out Dana’s website and also become her acolyte on Facebook.

Via Green Wedding Shoes

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This Shoebox is Actually a Pinhole Camera


All images shot by Benoit Charlot, Used with Permission

Pinhole cameras are awesome and cool because of the fact that literally anything to have can be turned into a camera. But Flickr user Benoit Charlot turned this shoebox into a large format camera. He describes how he made it on his blog, but the important thing is how he created the optic. It is the equivalent of 120mm and has a constant aperture of F90. The hole is 1.5mm in diameter–which is actually fairly large.

Read a couple of words from him after the jump. Also be sure to check out the entire Flickr set.

Via F295

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Toddy Gear Launches The Toddography Line of Smart Cleaning Cloths

exposed_web_0 (1)

Ever heard of Toddy Gear? Don’t worry, we haven’t either–but today they’re announcing their latest line of smart clothes used for cleaning phones, screens and other shiny thingers because we all have loads of them in our lives thanks to Steve Jobs. The new Toddography line is targeted at people who love to wear their love of photography and cameras in the pants–with the new cloth designs that is. These designer microfiber cloths are meant to tackle dirt, dust and smudges from iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android devices, tablets, even eyeglasses or camera lenses. Plus they have an antimicrobial coating and are machine washable if you’re a germophobe.

The Exposed, Composition, and Darkroom cloths are now available for purchase at the according links.

Just remember that Nikon recommends to not get your halitosis on your lenses.

Yoko Ono Tweets Image of John Lennon’s Bloody Glasses on 44th Anniversary of Their Marriage

Screen Shot 2013-03-21 at 10.04.20 AM

In a single extremely powerful image, Yoko Ono Lennon tweeted her stance on Gun Control laws–a very big issue right now in US politics. The image was tweeted to commemorate the 44th anniversary (March 20) of her marriage to John.

So what is this? The glasses are the ones that John wore on that unfortunate night. They are placed on a table and behind it is a scene of the Manhattan cityscape. Lennon lived in Manhattan for a while–and there is an entire tour around the area dedicated to his life and the last moments. They usually end on Central Park’s Strawberry Fields, which ironically is the scene of many engagement shoots.

The content of the image is perhaps even more powerful than the intended message that it is supposed to speak for. John Lennon, the famous Beatle, was murdered many years ago and today it is still considered by many to be the most shocking deaths in music history (perhaps even above Kurt Cobain’s suicide). Politics aside, it is still a powerful visual memory of the fall of one of music’s greatest legends.

Adobe Releases a New Video That Makes You Feel Guilty for Pirating it

You see, I can make jokes about pirating their software because not only do I personally dislike (hate) Adobe but I’ve never used their software for any of my work. Rant aside Adobe just launched a new video along with a blog post announcing some lesser known facts about CS6. Here are some of the neat facts that are in the video:

  • 10,000 people hours to build Photoshop CS6
  • 4.5 million lines of code
  • 1,900 icons replaced along with 250 cursors
  • 63% more features (how do you measure that?)
  • 24 changes to the crop tool
  • 2,563 beta testers
  • The largest document size in Photoshop CS6 is 300,000 pixels
  • 601 cases of beer were consumed
  • It was finished on Friday the 13th and its internal codename was superstition (coincidence?)
  • 500,000 downloads in the first week (I wasn’t one of them)

They created this video to celebrate reaching the 5 million fans mark on their Facebook page, this is of course something we celebrate now.

This Photo Booth Looks Like Instagram, But Doesn’t Annoy Your Friends


Photo booths are seriously fun and they’re also highly prized at weddings. Recently, Instructables user and photographer Alexander Morris came up with this awesome setup for a DIY Photo Booth that is inspired by Instagram. Interestingly enough, he did it all out of a few pieces of wood and an Arduino. Of course, that’s putting it in highly simplistic terms. He also fitted the inside with a Nikon D3200 with 18-55 kit lens, two Nikon SB900 flashes, a TV monitor (connected to the 3200’s live view) and cooling fans.

There’s no mention of it being connected to WiFi or anything else like that, but it would be pretty awesome if he used an app to tether the camera to an iPad or Android tablet so that Instagram’s interface can actually then be applied to the images. Either way, it’s a pretty kick ass concept and we encourage you to check it out for yourself.

Via Instructables and DIY Photography

These Are The Open, Youth and 3D Winners of The Sony World Photo Awards

© Hoang-Hiep-Nguyen,-Vietnam 2013 Sony World Photo Awards (Open)

Looking for some more inspiration for your work? The winners of the Open, Youth and 3D nominations for the Sony World Photo Awards have been announced today. In case you’re not familiar, the World Photography Organisation (WPO) supports professional, amateur and student photography, lending a global platform for the photographic industry to communicate, congregate and cultivate, and showcasing current trends in all genres of photography. Each year, they pick new winners and the work is usually really quite breathtaking. This year is no exception.

Take a look at the work of the winning photographers after the jump.

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This Pinhole Camera is Made from a Spam Can


Mmmmmmm, spamaliciousness! This spam can pinhole camera comes to us from user Scott from F295. The camera sports a 50mm focal length, .3mm EMS (Electron Microscope aperture?) Pinhole and has a 6×6.5cm image area.

Scott states that everything was epoxy’d together. He even built his own film advance–which is the knob on top of the camera. It’s also complete with a tripod mount and a square viewfinder from an old Holgaroid camera.

Not familiar with F295? They’re an organization centered around the promotion of the photographic arts–particularly with pinhole cameras. I’ve known their founder, Tom Persinger, for a while. He is an excellent photographer and instructor, let alone perhaps one of the most knowledgeable experts I know on this type of stuff. Check out more images of this camera after the jump.

Via F295

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Martin Stavars’ Black and White Cityscapes Will Leave You Speechless


All images shot by and used with permission from Martin Stavars

Martin Stavars is a born in 1981 in Czestochowa, Poland and has always been fascinated with landscapes. Martin specializes in black-and-white cityscapes, landscapes, and night photography and he has travelled around the world photographing cities. The photographs have won him many awards and they are now published in his book, “Megalapolis.

Beautiful can’t begin to describe Martin’s work as the images hold elements of both simplicity and complexity due to the compositions. When you look at them, the words ghostly, beautiful, hypnotic, and dreamy come to mind. Take a look at the rest of his work after the jump. Also be sure to check out Neutral Density magazine, where Martin is the Managing Editor.

Martin uses a Canon 5D Mk II with Canon 17-40mm f4 L and 24-70mm f2.8 L lenses. Plus he totes around a Hasselblad 503cw with Hasselblad 40mm f/4 Distagon lens. Lastly he always uses ND and GND filters.  He also always needs a tripod. “My photographs are available in limited editions on Hahnemühle Fine Art Pearl paper, their sizes ranging from 12”x12” to 40”x40”. Printed with Epson 11880.” states Martin.

Via Photography Blogger


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Lomography and the American Red Cross Create a Lomowall of Over 3,000 photos!


Lomowalls, for those of us not as LoFi savvy, are walls created with purely photos shot with Lomography cameras and made into a special mural of some sort based on the primary colors in each photo. Recently, Lomography and the Red Cross teamed up to create a new wall in Washington DC.

Why the Red Cross and not some hipster store like American Apparel? According to the press release:

“We partnered with the American Red Cross and creative agency BBDO for the “Stories of the American Red Cross” exhibit. Last March, hundreds of kits with journals and our cameras were sent to people all over America who at one time or another had been helped by the American Red Cross. They were asked to share their stories, whether they had survived a hurricane or lost their home to a fire, whether they’d saved a life using skills learned in first aid training or needed blood in an emergency. The two Lomowalls bearing the American Red Cross logo exhibit the beautiful analog photos we received, alongside story walls featuring Lomographs and inspiring handwritten stories.”

Personally, it sounds like a lot of the photos may be powerful images shot by everyday normal people instead of snubnose creatives. If you’re in the area of DC’s Grand Terminal, we recommend checking it out.

Erin Mulvehill’s Underwater Portraits Are Ethereal and Beautiful


All Images shot by and used with Permission from Erin Mulvehill

Erin Mulvehill is a Brooklyn, NY based photographer that graduated from Syracuse University at the super early age of 20. On her site, I Can Freeze Time, she features a series of underwater portraits that she created that has also been shown in many countries.

She’s also done some other really cool projects. For starters, The Camera Project is about giving cameras to children all over the world and them taking pictures and talking about their environment. Head over to her website to see more. But first check out her other underwater portraits after the jump.


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What Type of Wedding Photographer Are You? Take a Look in This Fun Infographic

hair-styles V1.0

Take a look at this fun infographic from Simply Bridal. It helps you to figure out what type of wedding photographer you are. Even if you don’t want to pigeon hole yourself, it will remind you of the different ideas you can do.

We’ve got more than this if you’re into shooting these ceremonies though. Take a look at our list of modern upgrades, our recommended gear for this season, and your essential shot list.

Russian Photographer Works to Find Her Father Through Salvaged Photos


All images used with permission from Natalya Reznik

Finding your family when you don’t know them is some serious detective work. Natalya Reznik last saw her father when she was super young. According to Reznik, her father was a Captain and would come and go for many weeks at a time. Her parents never lived together though. Eventually, her mother found out that he was cheating on her and even bore a child with another woman. Her parents were quickly divorced and in a fit of rage, her mother destroyed nearly all of the photos of her father.

Because of this, Natalya grew up for most of her life not knowing her father. And in her own personal investigation, she has gathered what’s left of the clues of who her father was.

Now here’s the weird part: if you go to Natalya’s website, there are no other photos from this project. A quick Google search though reveals that the images existed on Blurb, but they are now gone. Natalya states that the project is still an ongoing series. “I am planning to publish a book with these photos in the near future (I mean self-publish). As you can see I used pages from an old album of my mother and mixed real photos of her with the collages which I made by myself,” she states. More photos from the project as well as an artist statement from Natalya are after the jump.

Via Feature Shoot

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These Documentary Style Portraits Were Shot with a Lensbaby Composer Pro and Sweet 35


Lensbabies when used correctly can create some really beautiful images. Using their tilt-shift effect that is natural to their design, many photographers also know that they’re not simple to use and take dedication. Gretchen Robinette, a photographer local to Brooklyn, NY has released a couple of very cool images shot with the Lensbaby Composer Pro Double Optic with Sweet 35, and Canon 5D Mk II. It goes to show that in the hands of the right creative, they can do much more than just shoot landscapes.

Check out more of her photos and what Gretchen had to say about using the items  after the jump. This is much different than her other portraiture. Also check out her website.


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GoPro Released A Video Featuring People Who Freakin’ Ride Sharks In Pure Serenity

GoPro: Director’s Cut – Shark Riders from GoPro on Vimeo.

“I don’t know how long I was on the bottom, but for some reason everything happened right.” stated the narrator of the above video. Shark Riders was released by GoPro’s Vimeo channel a while ago and somehow or another avoided many blogs. However, if you choose to sit through and watch the whole thing, you’ll be mesmerized by the shark riding footage and just how beautiful some of the underwater scenes are.

To shoot this video, the company used the GoPro Hero 2 and their dive housing. But even that is quite intense. For the best viewing experience we recommend watching it on an Apple TV and letting it render. It’s totally worth it.

Big thanks to Brandon Remler for the share.

Two Photographers Capture Rare Photos of Two Comets In the Sky At the Same Time


Capturing one comet can sometimes be a once in a lifetime experience. But capturing two? Oh man! Two photographers (one in Chile and another in Australia) captured photos of Comet Pansstarrs and Comet Lemmon in the same shot.

One of the double-comet photos was taken by Yuri Beletsky, a Magellan Instrument Support Scientist at Las Campanas Observatory in Chile. Beletsky  used a Canon 5D Mark II set to a 30 second long exposure on Feb. 28 to nail the shot. Astrophotographer Justin Tilbrook (who hails from Penwortham, South Australia) captured them on Feb. 17.

This is a super rare experience, and CNN is calling this the Year of the Comets.

Via Space.com