OKCupid Finds Some Amazing Facts About Attractiveness in Photos

Alex and Serenity

A friend linked me to an article that dating site OKCupid has on their blog about how photography can make you more or less attractive. According to them:

– Panasonic/Micro Four Thirds cameras make their users look the best. Second being Leica.

– Interchangeable lens cameras make users more attractive.

– iPhone users have more sex (which makes sense because of Facetime)

– Android users like me have the least sex (no comment)

The posting goes on to talk about things like Bokeh, flash, and the times of day to take your photo. Bokeh does tend to mesmerize people when they look at the photos and flash (well, lighting in general) needs to be used to the best effects.

What do you think makes people be perceived as attractive in photos? Admittedly, a pretty girl holding a Nikon DSLR, Micro Four Thirds and Leica is attractive to me. Those myspace shots and the duck lips, not so hot.

My First Attempt at a Self Portrait

I did it—I took my first self portrait and maybe we don’t need to sing the doom song when looking at my picture. My camera did not melt! No fire and brimstone came down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! No 40 years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes… none of the dead rising from the grave!

My first thought was that the image was an utter failure. But after some reflection and encouragement from friends and colleagues, my first endeavor at a self portrait was not as bad as I thought.

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A Photographer’s Request From Apple For the Next iPod’s Camera

There have forever been rumors of the next Apple iPod touch having a camera—and a good one at that! In my recent review of the Apple iPhone 4’s camera, it was concluded that for a cameraphone, the performance was really quite good. Further, the high ISO abilities were better than some compact cameras thanks to the new back-lit CMOS sensor. Despite all this, there were still some major flaws. Here’s a list from a photographer on what the next iPod Touch should have.

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How To Document/Organize Your Summer Misadventures

It’s been summer for a little bit now. You’ve most likely gone on some wild and crazy misadventures and taken your camera along with you. To keep the memories in tact and easy to get to, there are a couple of things that you could do. Here are some tips to document and organize your summer misadventures and keep them easily accessible.

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The Great Debate: Prime Lenses Vs Zoom Lenses

Here we go: a giant can of worms is about to be opened up. The inbox has been flooded with questions asking about primes vs zoom lenses and there have been endless debates about it on threads I often visit. Now it’s getting to the point where questions are being asked in person. So to settle the fight once and for all here are some pointers.

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Why Everyone Needs an 85mm Lens

During the course of time that I’ve been a photographer, I’ve blogged about the 50mm lens and just how incredibly useful it is. Overtime though, the 85mm F1.8 for Canon has steadily become my go to lens for many situations. Not only is it sharp, delivers wonderful color and very useful, but it gives a different perspective on the things you photograph.

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Shooting Sarah Jessica Parker on the Set of Sex and the City 2

Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of "Sex and the City II"

With the imminent release of Sex and the City 2 on May 27th, I’d thought I’d share my experience of photographing Sarah Jessica Parker on the set of the movie while it was filming last summer. Those of you that are fans of the series and the movies may be delighted to know that Sarah is actually a very pleasant, sweet and nice person. In fact, she was one of my few positive experiences when photographing female celebrities back when I was a celebrity photographer.

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SnapKnot: A New Resource for Wedding Photographers

As a wedding photographer, I was recently friended on Flickr by SnapKnot, a new website designed for photographers to better market themselves and for Brides to (very) easily search for the type of photographer that they want based upon a large number of criteria. Impressed with the site, I decided to interview Reid and Michael, the founders of SnapKnot.com. If you’re a wedding photographer or looking to get into it, hit the jump. For a quick demo, take a look at my own SnapKnot page.

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Questions With Christian Erhardt: Vice President of Marketing Photographic Division, Leica Camera USA

I recently had the pleasure to chat with Christian Erhardt who is Vice President of Marketing Photographic Division, Leica Camera USA. On the agenda were questions about how Leica has changed recently with the success of their new products, their growing userbase, and tactics to lure in the average American consumer. Hit the jump for the full interview.

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My Favorite Photo Sites To Check Out

Olympus's Micro 4/3rd's camera

As a tech blogger for years that’d had primarily online experience, I’ve developed quite the taste fora number of photo blogs in my Google News reader. I’m just going to get straight into this: here’s a list (in no particular order) of some of my favorite photo blogs and websites.

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Times Square Has Changed

Times Square in the rain

My buddy Geoff Fox grew up knowing Times Square for what it was back in the old days, “scuzzy strip of sleaze.” He’s a weatherman and fellow photographer, and over at his blog he reminisces about what Times Square was and how it has changed for what he thinks was for the worse. The posting is complete with photographs of the new Times Square.

In my honest opinion. I’ve always hated the place. You get bored of it pretty quickly when you’re a very young New Yorker. More photos of the Square after the jump. Be sure to check out Geoff’s blog posting as well.

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Situations Where Micro Four Thirds is A Better Choice

Olympus's Micro 4/3rd's camera

As a photographer, I’ve run into many situations these days where a small good quality Micro Four Thirds camera may have been much more useful as opposed to my DSLR or my cameraphone. As readers may know, I’m a Canon 5D Mk II DSLR user that came from shooting an Olympus E-510. Olympus and Panasonic are part of the Micro Four Thirds group and they really are onto something useful for photographers that can justify the purchase of one via profits. Here are a couple of situations based on personal experience where Micro Four Thirds may have been better.

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