A Bit of Humor: 15 Jokes That Only Photographers Will Understand

These jokes are the laugh that every photographer will need for a bit of a perk up this week.

Photographers–we know that you’re probably looking for a bit of motivation. And so we’ve rounded up a number of jokes that you’ll understand much more than others around you. Head on past the jump to see!

Photographers are very mean. First, they frame you, then they shoot you, then hang you on the wall.

If you saw a drowning person and you were to choose between saving him or capturing the moment, what aperture will you use?

I read fifty shades of grey to learn more about white balance.

Sigma 135mm f1.8 Art

“Watching a beautiful sunset with my wide, I look to the scene and start thinking 1/250s at f8 at ISO 400.”

Pro Tip: You’ve heard of the golden hour and how awesome it is to shoot at that time. But have you heard of the blue hour? The blue hour is the short amount of time after the sun actually goes down but there is still just enough light to give everything a totally diffused light that is bluish in hue.

I bought a Labrador and named him Kodak, so I can say I own a Kodak Lab.

How many photographers does it take to change a light bulb? 50. One to change the bulb, and forty-nine to say, “I could have done that!”

I had to give up my career as a photographer. I kept losing focus.

“Your camera takes really nice pictures!” “Thanks, I taught it everything it knows!”

Photography is a developing hobby.

The only person happy with a 100% crop is a farmer.

“Do not talk while shooting long exposure, or the photo will be noisy.”

What’s the difference between a large pepperoni pizza and a struggling photographer? A large pepperoni pizza can feed a family of four.”

A photographer took a self portrait in a park. Due to lighting conditions he used the built in flash on the camera. He quickly got arrested for flashing and exposing himself in the park.

Q: What’s wrong with most cameras that won’t take good pictures? A: The nut behind the viewfinder!

When You Buy a Professional Camera, You’re a Professional Photographer. When You Buy a Gaming Mouse, You’re Suddenly a Gamer

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