Which One? Canon 5D Mk II or Canon 7D for Wedding Photography

The Ring Shot

We believe that the Canon 7Dand Canon 5D Mk IIcomplement each other very well, but questions have arisen as to which one is better to get all the shots on your wedding photography checklist. Go onto the most popular photography forums and you’ll see this question appear at least three times a month in one way or another. We’re aware that in some ways this is like comparing apples to oranges, but it is a subject that is well worth exploring. David Ziser concluded that he’d rather go for the 7D; but is that right for you? We’ve noticed readers typing this into the search bar of the site—so since the 1D Mk IV is out of range for many of you, here’s your answer.

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Foodie Photography: Shooting in Restaurants

Exposure 0.033 sec (1/30) Aperture f/2.8 Focal Length 35 mm ISO Speed 900

Unfortunately for many foodies in this day and age, they have become the poor man’s paparazzi. When it comes to taking pictures of food in restaurants, some foodies can be rude and ruin the ambiance of the environment. If it is too dark, they use a flash. Some use tripods to get the right angle much to the chagrin of the servers. Oftentimes, restaurants do not appreciate them because some make the food look bad with poor choices in composition and technique. Some are ballsy enough to use cell phones or the cheapest digital camera they can find. Let’s changes this.

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New York Comic Con 2010: Why The Orbis Is Awesome For Conventions

This posting is literally just a massive dump of gorgeous women in costume at New York Comic Con 2010 that I’m covering for Will over at Aggrogate.com. With me is the:

Canon EOS 7D

Orbis Ring Flash Attachment Kit

Canon Speedlite 430EX II Flash

Canon EF 35mm f/1.4L USM Wide Angle Lens

Don’t forget the Canon rebates, and enjoy the gallery. Either way, the Orbis is highly recommended as it is easy to use in tight spaces and gives not only really nice even lighting on your subjects but can give some very nice creative lighting effects with different powers dialed in. Also, I’m not always using it around the lens; I am indeed using it off camera left and right sometimes because of the infrared signal between the 7D and 430 EX II not working at times.

Note: All photos here are my property and protected by my government copyright. If you’d like to use them, just ask: I’m a friendly dude. Shoot me an email at ChrisGampat[at]thephoblographer[dot]com.

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How to Make a Movie (Part II): The Gear List

In this five part serious Matthew Novak with reveal the ins and outs of producing a feature length film with the canon 7D as the main camera. To read part one click HERE

When you’re doing any shoot, whether it be photography or video, a gear list always hinges upon two things: What you want to accomplish and sometimes more importantly what your budget is. The gear list that follows constitutes what has gone into the Summer Stories Production thus far. Continue reading…

A Tour of the Polaroid 20×24 Camera

As instant film make a resurgence and companies like the Impossible Project announce new products, it’s only reasonable that we take a look at a relic: the fabled 20×24 Polaroid film camera. Jennifer Trausch at 20×24 Studios in TriBeCa, NY was kind enough to offer a tour of the camera. As a studio that specializes in shooting art and ad campaigns with this giant beast of a camera, they’re often very busy.

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Do You Feel That Mirrorless Cameras Are The Future?

With the promise of DSLR quality in a smaller package from Mirrorless Interchangeable Lens Cameras, do you truly feel that they will be the future and will replace DSLRs? If so, do you feel that DSLRs will continue to live on for niche purposes of some sort? For example, in the medium format category DSLRs may continue to live on past their Full frame cousins.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Stony Brook Student Develops Program To Turn Webcam into Scanner Camera

Roman Kogan, a student at Stony Brook University in New York, has developed a simple program that turns your webcam into a scanner camera of sorts. Above is a photo I did with my Macbook’s built in webcam. It works by taking one pixel line at a time and arranging those slices in a line to produce the image. Thus one dimension of the image is spacial, and the other is temporal. It was buggy on Macs before, but Roman seemed to have fixed the problem.

Give it a try for yourself by checking out the site Roman set up.

PETA Responds to Leica’s Limited Edition Ostrich Skin X1

If you’ve been paying attention to photo news for the past couple of days, you may have read about Leica’s special edition of the X1 featuring ostrich skin. The company is known to do very high-class and fashionable modifications to their cameras every so often and raise the price. Granted, they are collectors items, and in this case the rare X1 will go for $2,400. I contacted PETA to ask them about what they had to say about the cameras, here is their response.

Edit: Leica has since stated that they do not use Ostrich Leather in the manufacturing of the camera.

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Shooting the US Open Today With Film

Of all the major annual sporting events, my favorite has to be the US Open Tennis Championships. The USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center is a beautiful complex, and during the first week of the Open, it’s incredible. There are so many matches to watch, and so many photos to take. The photographs featured were taken with my Minolta Maxxum Htsi-Plus, Minolta 135mm AF f/2.8, Minolta 70-210mm AF f/4, rolls of Kodak Gold 400, and a roll of Kodak 400TX.

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Will the New Apple iPod Touch Weaken the Point-and-Shoot Market?

Take a look at the way that the majority of people take photos. I’m not talking about the photo enthusiasts. I’m talking about the average person that has a camera and isn’t a total photo nerd. After careful observations, you’ll notice that they take a majority of pictures with their phone. This goes double or triple for iPhone, Android or Blackberry users. The reason for this is because of the instant sharing capabilities. As you know, most point-and-shoots can’t do this. Sure, a standard point-and-shoot can deliver better quality images, but this group of users won’t be able to tell the difference. Apple doesn’t seem to have incorporated any of the features that I asked for a while ago, but the audience of people I’m talking about here just want to point, shoot and share. So does this mean that the new Apple iPod touchwith its snazzy new camera could in turn destroy the point-and-shoot market?

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Which One Should I Get?: Canon S95 vs Panasonic LX-5K


Both the Canon S95and the Panasonic LX-5are available for purchase now at Amazon and readers may perhaps be confused as to which one to get. Though we do not have image quality comparisons to show (and we’ve only handled the S95 and the Leica D-LUX 4 which compares to the LX-3) we can compare and contrast specs.

Editor’s Note: Reviews of both cameras have been fully completed.

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Keeping My Distance: Shooting Justin Long On a Movie Set

Justin Long on the Streets of NYC

So I’ve blogged before about Julia Roberts, Sarah Jessica Parker, and even Gerard Butler. With Going The Distance coming into theaters later on this week, it is time that Justin Long and my encounter with him be shared. In general, my experience has been that male celebrities couldn’t care less about being photographed. As you’ll read, Justin doesn’t exactly like having a 5D Mk IIpointed at him.

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Why Shooting Celebrities Sucks: A Reflection Photographing Julia Roberts on the Set of Eat, Pray, Love.

Julia Roberts: close up side shot

If you’re a reader of this blog, or if you’ve followed my work for a while, you’ll probably know of the dark secret in my time as a photographer. When I was right out of college, I had an extremely brief tenure with an agency as a celebrity photographer. One of my gigs was shooting Julia Roberts on the set of Eat, Pray Love which is now in theaters. The photos in this story were shot a year ago in Carrol Gardens in Brooklyn, New York where part of the movie was filmed. Though not my worst gig, it was a huge learning experience and began to solidify my exit from celebrity photography.

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OKCupid Finds Some Amazing Facts About Attractiveness in Photos

Alex and Serenity

A friend linked me to an article that dating site OKCupid has on their blog about how photography can make you more or less attractive. According to them:

– Panasonic/Micro Four Thirds cameras make their users look the best. Second being Leica.

– Interchangeable lens cameras make users more attractive.

– iPhone users have more sex (which makes sense because of Facetime)

– Android users like me have the least sex (no comment)

The posting goes on to talk about things like Bokeh, flash, and the times of day to take your photo. Bokeh does tend to mesmerize people when they look at the photos and flash (well, lighting in general) needs to be used to the best effects.

What do you think makes people be perceived as attractive in photos? Admittedly, a pretty girl holding a Nikon DSLR, Micro Four Thirds and Leica is attractive to me. Those myspace shots and the duck lips, not so hot.

My First Attempt at a Self Portrait

I did it—I took my first self portrait and maybe we don’t need to sing the doom song when looking at my picture. My camera did not melt! No fire and brimstone came down from the skies! Rivers and seas boiling! No 40 years of darkness! Earthquakes, volcanoes… none of the dead rising from the grave!

My first thought was that the image was an utter failure. But after some reflection and encouragement from friends and colleagues, my first endeavor at a self portrait was not as bad as I thought.

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A Photographer’s Request From Apple For the Next iPod’s Camera

There have forever been rumors of the next Apple iPod touch having a camera—and a good one at that! In my recent review of the Apple iPhone 4’s camera, it was concluded that for a cameraphone, the performance was really quite good. Further, the high ISO abilities were better than some compact cameras thanks to the new back-lit CMOS sensor. Despite all this, there were still some major flaws. Here’s a list from a photographer on what the next iPod Touch should have.

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How To Document/Organize Your Summer Misadventures

It’s been summer for a little bit now. You’ve most likely gone on some wild and crazy misadventures and taken your camera along with you. To keep the memories in tact and easy to get to, there are a couple of things that you could do. Here are some tips to document and organize your summer misadventures and keep them easily accessible.

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