Photography Cheat Sheet Round Up: Home Photography Projects

Here’s a compilation of indoor photography cheat sheets useful for getting productive during the COVID-19 quarantine. 

Since most of us are pretty much stuck indoors due to COVID-19 lockdown and quarantine measures, we thought we might as well put together a bunch of photography cheat sheets that will be useful for indoor photography. We may be limited in the type of photography or subjects at this time. but when the need to shoot strikes, the cheat sheets we collected from awesome photographers and sites like Digital Camera World should be able to help you make the most of it.

Portrait Photography

Photo by Felix Esser

Many of you may be shooting portraits of your family around the house, so might as well make them as best as you can. With this family portrait photography cheat sheet, you’ll be able to work in different shooting situations and overcome some of the most common obstacles to getting better results.

Other cheat sheets we think you’ll also find useful for shooting portraits include tips for nailing autofocus for portraits and this cropping guide to avoid trimming your photos at an awkward part.

Macro Photography

If you just got a macro lens or have had one hiding in your stash for too long, now is a good time to take it out for some macro photography practice. Check out this cheat sheet from Canon for some simple tips that will help you get great results right in the comfort of your own backyard. To make sure your macro shots are sharply focused, take note of the tips in this close focus cheat sheet as well.

Still Life Photography

Another genre that is likely to be popular at this time is still life photography. It’s perfect for beginners, so if you’ve just started, this is a great time to practice and get acquainted with your camera. To help with that, here’s a cheat sheet on key camera settings and useful tips you can use for your practice.

Food Photography

This is actually the perfect time to unleash either your inner chef or food photographer — no one is likely going to judge you for posting food photos online all the time. To help you get the best photos of scrumptious quarantine cooking, why don’t you check out the essential tips from this food photography cheat sheet?

Making the Most Out of Natural Light

Unless you have a home studio or some spare studio lights lying around your house, you’ll be shooting with either natural light or available light. So, you might as well use this cheat sheet to make the most out of natural light, especially if you have a spacious backyard where you can practice portraits. But, if you plan to shoot indoors next to a big window, here’s a cheat sheet for diffusing window light to achieve the look you’re after.

Keeping Your Lens Clean

Of course, you have to keep your gear clean, and you now have all the time to do so. One of the things you can do is keep your lens free of dust, fingerprints, or smudges especially after all the indoor photography you’re doing. However, take note that you have to do it right, or else you could scratch or damage the glass. This cheat sheet and this cheat sheet will help with that.

Printing Your Photos

Lastly, if you have some photo frames in the house that are due for a change in the photos they hold, now would be a great time to finally get that sorted. After editing and tweaking your photos, if you feel like printing some of them out, this handy guide to image print resolutions will help you determine how big you can print them while maintaining the best quality possible.