Photography Cheat Sheet: Camera Settings for Indoor Still-Life

Taking on an indoor still life photography project soon? Check out some key tips from today’s featured photography cheat sheet.

Many photographers either begin their photography journey by practicing still life photography or dabble with it later as the need arises. Whichever is the case for you, today’s featured photography cheat sheet comes with suggested camera settings and some extra tips to help you get the best results when shooting still life photography indoors.

In their key settings cheat sheet below, Digital Camera World not only covers the camera settings but also other useful tips for shooting still life indoors. Whether you’re doing this for practice and getting acquainted with your camera, or experimenting with still life for your next creative project, this quick reference should be of help.

Since working indoors gives you full control over the subject and lighting, take advantage of it by using ISO 100, a small aperture setting of f16, and a tripod. These will keep everything sharp and in focus. To help you focus, shoot in Manual exposure mode and focus manually. The recommended lens is 50-105mm, with the drive mode to Single-shot, and the white balance at daylight setting.

As with anything in photography, the guide also reminds us that lighting is key to beautiful still life photography. Experiment with different light sources like diffused window light, flash, and reading lamps. Try combining them with light modifiers, if you can get your hands on some.

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