Photography Cheat Sheet: Quick Macro Photography Tips

Wondering how you can get started with shooting macro? Today’s featured photography cheat sheet brings some quick and easy tips from Canon.

Macro photography, as with other genres, requires lots of practice and will take time to master. There’s more to it than pointing your camera on macro mode at a tiny subject. However, with the help of some simple tips, you’ll be able to get great results quicker. Today’s photography cheat sheet from Canon will do just that, whatever camera (or brand you’re using).

As Canon noted in their introduction for the cheat sheet, macro photography takes us to the miniature worlds that exist everywhere but are typically unseen to us. It’s especially popular in revealing nature’s tiniest wonders. Of course, you’ll need a dedicated macro lens like the EF-S 60mm f2.8 Macro USM suggested by Canon. You can also use this cheat sheet to help you pick the best lens for the results you want. Pair it with the tips below and you’ll be on your way to making the most out of it.

Of course, there should be a clear subject in your macro shot, as with any kind of photography. To make it stand out, set it against a simple background. This will direct the focus of the viewer to the subject without any distractions. Also, you’d want your shot and all its details to be as sharp as possible, so make sure to prop your camera on a tripod to prevent blur.

Shooting outdoors is guaranteed to get you some interesting macro subjects. You’ll get better results if you shoot on bright, sunny days. Otherwise, you can also use fill-flash to give your shots an added punch even on shady locations or cloudy days, as this other photography cheat sheet shows. An external Macro Ring Lite, as suggested above, will also give you a better and more even lighting.

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