The Cameras Used by the 2020 World Press Photo Award Winners

The 2020 World Press Photo Award Winners have been announced, and we’ve learned what cameras they’ve used.

We’re going to be honest; more than anything else, the 2020 World Press Photo Award Winners are demonstrating that their talents are far surpassing the gear they’re using. However, for curiosity’s sake, it’s always cool to just know what’s being used! With today’s announcement of the winning images, we got to take a look at the photos before the announcement and analyzed what was used. Some interesting tidbits about everything are below.

A Listing of the Cameras Used

Cameras aren’t everything, but they sure do help a photographer create the images they’re putting out there. If you look at what the stats are saying, it seems like APS-C is more than good enough for professional work despite lots of folks not believing so. We’re also seeing medium format edging more into the press world, but full-frame is still dominant. DSLRs are also still the mainstay although Mirrorless is catching up. The information also indicates that large sensor compact cameras are highly capable. Here’s the list below of what we were able to gather.


The big winners are Fujifilm and Nikon in terms of camera manufacturers. Nikon’s high-end DSLRs are popular with photojournalists but so too is the Fujifilm X series. There is one photographer using a GFX 100 (which we find positively fascinating). And while Sony seems to be dominating in Mirrorless sales, they’re not so popular amongst pros in this segment: there isn’t even a single Sony a9 in the bunch that we’ve been able to find. Nikon and Canon’s Mirrorless options are also missing from this list. But the most fascinating and eye-opening cameras are the Fujifilm X100 series, the Leica M10, and a film shooter.

  • 8 Fujifilm Cameras
  • 1 Leica
  • 1 DJI
  • 1 Film shooter
  • 8 Nikon cameras
  • 3 Sony cameras
  • 5 Canon cameras
  • 9 Mirrorless cameras
  • 13 DSLRs
  • 1 Drone

The Winning Images

World Press Photo of the Year: Yasuyoshi Chuba (Fujifilm X-H1)

Nominee Mulugeta Ayene (Canon 5D Mk III)

Nominee Farouk Batiche (No Camera Info)

Matthew Abbott Panos (Nikon D5)

Tomek Kaczor (Canon 5D Mk III)

Peter Mather (Nikon D4 and Fujifilm X Pro 2)

Nikita Teryoshin (No Camera Info)

Sean Davey (Canon 5D Mk IV)

Antonio Pizarro Rodriguez (Canon 5D Mk III)

Ricardo Garcia Vilanova (Fujifilm X-T3)

Alessio Mamo (Canon 5D Mk IV)

Katie Orlinsky (DJI and Canon 5Ds)

Maximillian Mann (No Camera Info)

Luca Locatelli (DJI and Fujifilm GFX 100)

Noah Berger (Nikon D5)

Nicolò Filippo Rosso (Canon 5D Mk IV)

Steve Winter (Canon 5D Mk IV)

Lorenzo Tugnoli Contrasto (Sony a7r II and Sony a7r III)

Brent Stirton (Canon 5D Mk IV and Canon 5DS R)

Alain Schroder (No Camera Info)


Daniele Volpe (Nikon D600 Nikon D3, Nikon D85)

Sabiha Cimen (No Camera Info)

Oliver Weiken (No Camera Info)

Fabio Bucciarelli (Canon 5D Mk IV and Sony a7r III)

Nicolas Asfouri (Nikon D5 D850)

Dai Kurokawa (Canon 5D Mk IV)

Romain Laurendeau (Fujifilm X100, X100T, X100S)

Ramon Espinosa (Sony a7r II)

Kim Kyung-Hoon (Canon 5D IV and Canon IDX II)

Olivier Papegnies (Leica M10)

Wally Skalij (Nikon D5)

Mark Blinch (Canon 1Dx Mk II)

Silvia Izquierdo (Canon 5D Mk IV)

Oli Scarff (Nikon D4s)

Tadas Kazakevicius (Film)

Lee Ann Olwage (No Camera Info)

Tatsiana Tkachova (Fujifilm X100T and X-T10)

Adam Ferguson (Sony a7r III)

Alon Skuy (Canon 5D Mk IV)

Ivor Prickett (Canon 5D Mk IV)

Chris Gampat

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