The Best Sony Lenses for Street Photography Under $800

If you want Sony’s fantastic autofocus with your Street Photography, here’s what you need to make the most of it.

Years ago, I never thought I’d pen an article about the best lenses for autofocusing while shooting street. That is aside from the fact that I never expected those lenses to be from Sony. But they dominate the field by and large when it comes to autofocus algorithms in their Sony a7 and A9 lineup of cameras. Combine this with fantastic lenses that are small, affordable, and boast great image quality. There is almost nothing bad that you can say about these lenses: we strongly recommend them.

Sony 35mm F1.8 FE

Since the new firmware updates have arrived, we’ve found it better to simply leave the camera on AF-C mode rather than AF-S most of the time. This will help with things like street photography, eye detection, and tracking for portraiture, and even when photographing animals like your adorable corgi.

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Buy Now: $748

Pro Tip: When shooting, be sure to keep your camera strap wrapped around your wrist so that you’re always ready to grab the shot.

Sony 28mm F2 FE

The Sony 28mm f2 has incredible image quality, and it goes to show that folks who tend to snub their noses at Sony lenses should give them another look.

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Buy Now: $448

Pro Tip: Though it’s frowned upon by some photographers, try shooting from the hip. No one cares about how you got the image, they only care about the end result in street photography.

Sony 85mm F1.8 FE

Cyber Monday lens deals - Sony

Of all the photos I’ve shot (and that’s hundreds) maybe only two missed focus.

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Buy Now: $548

Pro Tip: There is nothing wrong with putting distance between you and your subject in the street, just have good intentions. This photo is part of a project I’m working on showing how much we can’t live without our phones these days.

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