The Best Sony Lenses for Street Photography Under $800

If you want Sony’s fantastic autofocus with your Street Photography, here’s what you need to make the most of it.

Years ago, I never thought I’d pen an article about the best lenses for autofocusing while shooting street. That is aside from the fact that I never expected those lenses to be from Sony. But they dominate the field by and large when it comes to autofocus algorithms in their Sony a7 and A9 lineup of cameras. Combine this with fantastic lenses that are small, affordable, and boast great image quality. There is almost nothing bad that you can say about these lenses: we strongly recommend them.

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5 Compact Cameras That Can Most Likely Get Through the New TSA Regulations

If you’re not wanting to inconvenience your life with taking your cameras, lenses, flashes and other necessary items out of your bag, then you should consider this list of cameras that will get through the TSA’s new regulations. “…we are not standing on the sidelines while fanatics hatch new plots. The U.S. government is focused on deterring, detecting, and disrupting these threats,” stated DHS Secretary John Kelly. “That is why in March I made the decision to ban electronic devices larger than a cell phone from the passenger cabins of U.S.-bound commercial flights from the ten airports in the Middle East and North Africa.” And more or less, you’ll probably have issues bringing bigger cameras anyway. So we’ve gone through our reviews index and found a number of cameras that you’ll want to pack since it’s all about any electronic being larger than a cell phone.

Editor’s Note: To clarify this post, we’re talking about cameras that most likely won’t need to be taken out of a bag. You can surely bring a camera but you’ll need to take it and the lenses out of the bag if they’re larger than a cell phone.

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Holiday 2012: Recommended Messenger Bags for The Sophisticated Urban Dweller

Camera bags carry the cameras we love to use, the items that help us accomplish those images we are after, and they make us look devilishly good while doing it. Nothing does this better than a well made messenger bag. Whether you really are an urban dweller, a suburbanite, or just someone looking for a new way to cart around your favorite kit, these excellent messenger bags were made to help you do it well. Find out which one might fit you perfectly after the jump.
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Holiday 2012: Recommended Items for the Discerning Film Photographer

I have been a dedicated film shooter for the last year after selling off all my digital equipment in a frenzy and learning to develop my own B&W at home. I have had some tough and frustrating times with film, but there is really nothing quite like watching the image come to life after waiting a spell since you actually took the image to see it. The payoff when I see client’s faces light up after seeing the images for the first time since the shoot is just too big to put a price tag on.

However, all this glory only comes from some serious learning and some special equipment. If you have been shooting a toy camera for any period of time you know how drop dead simple exposure science can be, but as you progress there are things you desire to do with you images that take more than just a chance exposure and leaving it up to Walgreens’ abysmal lab. To take your film photography to the next level with just a few wishlist items, take a short perusal of this suggested equipment list and prepare for even more film photography fun!

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DSLR Buyers Guide, Winter 2010

It’s been an innovative year for the photography world. This winter, there are more available options than ever for creativity-inspiring cameras, lenses, and accessories. In this entry, we’ll take a look at some great cameras in five categories, Full Frame 35mm, Cropped 35mm, Micro Four Thirds, Mirrorless 35mm, and Digital 645. You’ll also find links to recent reviews and comparisons and, as always, purchases made through links on our pages support the growing staff at the Phoblographer! Read on for the best DSLRs of 2010. Continue reading…