The Top 10 Cameras for Photographers Ranked by DXO Mark (1/2019)

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Take a look at the top 10 cameras in terms of sensor performance before you buy your next camera.  

The camera market is a minefield these days due to the sheer number of quality choices we have from manufacturers. Everyone on the web has their opinions about different camera bodies and what they can do, but if you want to make your next purchase based solely off of overall sensor performance, the top 10 cameras according to DXO Mark that are listed below are the ones you should check out. After the break we’ll share with you the top 10 cameras that DXO Mark have carried out their tests on.

Buying a camera can be quite stressful, and figuring out the top 10 cameras is hard to do due to so many variables. If what you’re really interested in is mage quality, how can you know if the camera you’re buying will perform well? DXO do extensive scientific testing on camera sensors, and that information coupled with our own real world tests and experiences will help you make the decision that is right for you. The top 10 cameras according to sensor tests are listed below.


HasselBlad X1D


In our review we said:

“The way the X1D reads light has literally caused me to well with a tear or two (not joking); its handling of light is poetic and moving and demands attention. The tonal transitions, especially in the highlights, really imbue well-lit subjects with a punch.”

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Pentax 645z


In our review we said:

“The camera performs amazingly well shooting at night or in low light with high ISO. There was very little noise in the files, and when it was present it remained somewhat pleasing. We’d feel comfortable shooting up to 12,800 iso for color images, no question. 25,600 is doable if there is some light source or if you plan on going black and white.”

Buy now ($4,996.95): Amazon


Nikon D850


In our review we said:

“In the hand, the Nikon D850 feels really great and surprisingly never hurt my wrist at all carrying it all day long. It’s amazing that Nikon was able to pack this much into a camera like this. Professional photographers looking for a solid DSLR will find it with the Nikon D850 for sure.”

Buy now ($3096.95): Amazon


Sony A7r III



In our review we said:

“The Sony a7r III is a fantastic camera that is pretty much everything that every working photographer needs. Good autofocus? Great RAW file versatility? Third party lens support? Third party flash support? Improved battery life? Dual card slots? Weather sealing? I mean, what is there to not like.”

Buy now ($3,198): Amazon


Sony A7r II


In our review we said:

“It amazed in the high ISO results and even though we expected more with RAW file versatility, it still is rather impressive. When it comes to image quality, it puts the Canon 5Ds to shame. Beyond this, there is the spot on AF system, WiFi/NFC, 4K video, 5 fps, and a great overall experience when it comes to shooting.”

Buy now ($1,998): Amazon


Nikon D810


In our review we said:

“This is a camera that is very much aimed at the pro with features like small RAW mode, a faster FPS shooting ability, the D4s’ autofocus, Nikon’s simplistic menus, and the overall fact that it is a compact workhorse DSLR.”

Buy now ($2,796.95): Amazon


Sony RX1r II


In our review we said:

“Arguably one of the best point and shoot cameras on the market, the Sony RX1R II is a camera with a full frame 35mm sensor and a 35mm f2 lens affixed to the front. For most photographers, that immediately sounds like a beautiful thing. Then consider the EVF, the fast autofocus, and lots of control on top of a really small size. It sounds even sweeter to most photographers then.”

Buy now ($3,298): Amazon


Pentax K-1


In our review we said:

“The sensor at the heart of the Pentax K-1 is similar to that inside the Sony a7 I and the Nikon D810. The differences are the processors. It’s a highly capable sensor and able to output more than enough resolution for most professional photographers.”

Buy now ($1,650): Amazon


Nikon D800


In our review we said:

“I refer to the amount of megapixels in the camera as mega pickles because it’s just ridiculous. You don’t have to read any further if you want to know if I’m impressed, I am. The detail is incredible and it’s a camera that will make you want revisit places you have been.”

Buy now ($697): Amazon


Sony A7 III


top 10 cameras


In our review we said:

“During my testing with the Sony A7 III, I found the autofocus to be positively fantastic. The Sony A7 III, along with the Sony 55mm f1.8, were able to focus in near darkness. This is great for photographers who want to capture moments with no autofocus assist lamp coming on because the Sony A7 III did just that.”

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