KUVRD Aiming to Ship Their New V2 Universal Lens Caps by March 2019

Universal lens caps
KUVRD’s newly designed universal lens caps aim to make protecting your lenses frustration free.

There’s nothing more frustrating than lens caps sometimes. The small circular pieces of plastic that we rely on to protect our precious glass can be pain to keep track of, and they can even be quite difficult to get back in place at times. KUVRD have been trying to make lens caps easier to use for a while now, and their new V2 universal lens caps look to build on the success of the originals that were released at the beginning of 2018. After the break we have more details about the two new members of the KUVRD lens caps; the Micro and the Magnum.

The two new universal lens caps from KUVRD have been designed to fit and protect just about every lens imaginable. The Micro has been designed to fit lenses with thread sizes between 54-76mm, while the Magnum has been designed to protect lenses with thread sizes between 72-122mm.

Universal Lens Caps

The new V2 lens caps have been redesigned from the ground up. As a result the new universal lens caps stretch by 25 percent more than the originals. Both the Micro and the magnum versions are also fully weather sealed and are temperature proof up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, so unless you’re planning to climb into an oven or visit the sun you should be covered.

Universal Lens Caps

In order to make your life easier, the new KUVRD universal lens caps also have white X’s in the center. These X’s can be colored in so that you can color code your lenses. This will make it easier to know which lens is which seeing as the lens cap itself covers the entire lens. The covers are also capable of fitting over traditional lens caps, ND filters, lens hoods, and even camera flashes.

The Micro and Magnum universal lens cap Indiegogo campaign has already raised $182,179. If you are interested in buying the universal lens caps that will never fall off, will protect your lenses from the cold, the heat, wind, rain, and snow, and that come with a lifetime warranty, you can head on over the KUVRD V2 Indiegogo campaign page to make your pledge.

Pledges range from $35 which will get you one cover + one free, all the way to $120 which will score you nine universal lens caps plus another free. The Micro and the Magnum universal lens caps have an expected ship date of March 2019.

Via KUVRD’s Indiegogo Campaign