A Great Idea, But It’s Not for Everyone: KUVRD Universal Lens Hood

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Every year we get exposed to photography accessories that are meant to revolutionize the game. Sometimes, these accessories come along and make our lives easier. However, most simply fail to live up to the hype surrounding them. You may have heard about a company called KUVRD. They made a product that really was excellent in their universal lens caps. So, when they announced the universal lens hood, we were excited. We’ve spent some time with the new KUVRD Universal Lens Hood, and we’re both amazed and dismayed. Find out why below.

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A New Universal KUVRD Camera Strap Has Smashed Its Kickstarter Goal

kuvrd camera strap

If you’re looking for a new way to carry around your camera, you might want to check out the new KUVRD camera strap. 

After experiencing major success on Kickstarter with their universal lens caps, KUVRD has returned to the platform with a new project, and it looks like the masses are just as excited about it as they were about the lens caps. The new, universal KUVRD camera strap promises to be the only camera strap you’ll ever need thanks to its no-fuss, easy to use design. Click on through the break to see what all the fuss is about. Continue reading…

KUVRD Aiming to Ship Their New V2 Universal Lens Caps by March 2019

Universal lens caps

KUVRD’s newly designed universal lens caps aim to make protecting your lenses frustration free.

There’s nothing more frustrating than lens caps sometimes. The small circular pieces of plastic that we rely on to protect our precious glass can be pain to keep track of, and they can even be quite difficult to get back in place at times. KUVRD have been trying to make lens caps easier to use for a while now, and their new V2 universal lens caps look to build on the success of the originals that were released at the beginning of 2018. After the break we have more details about the two new members of the KUVRD lens caps; the Micro and the Magnum. Continue reading…