A New Universal KUVRD Camera Strap Has Smashed Its Kickstarter Goal

kuvrd camera strap

If you’re looking for a new way to carry around your camera, you might want to check out the new KUVRD camera strap. 

After experiencing major success on Kickstarter with their universal lens caps, KUVRD has returned to the platform with a new project, and it looks like the masses are just as excited about it as they were about the lens caps. The new, universal KUVRD camera strap promises to be the only camera strap you’ll ever need thanks to its no-fuss, easy to use design. Click on through the break to see what all the fuss is about.

The project for the KUVRD camera strap has been live on Kickstarter for just a few days, but it has already destroyed its project goal of $5,000. At the time of writing, pledges have hit $41,611, and that amount is increasing at a rapid pace.

kuvrd camera strap

The KUVRD camera strap will work with all vintage and all modern cameras thanks to its design that uses carabiner-styled clips. The clips are made from hard anodized aluminum. You’ll find that all of the metal components are made from this material, which should make it strong (can hold up to 225lbs) and durable. The clips are on gyrating swivels which should stop the strap from becoming tangled or strained.

The strap itself is made from a ballistic nylon webbed fabric, and the tessellating paddles appear to make adjusting the strap effortless. The paddles also lock down so that once you have the strap set how you like it, it will not move until you want it to. The strap comes in two finishes, with the front side of the belt having a smooth texture which makes sliding the camera around effortless, and the backside textured so that the strap will not move while you’re on the go.

The KUVRD camera strap can be worn across the body, as a sling, and as a regular neck strap, so this should appeal to a lot of photographers. As with all Kickstarter projects, there are different levels of pledges available. All of the early bird units have been sold, but you can still pick up the KUVRD camera strap for as little as $65 ($25 off the full retail price). You can also buy two for $100, while supplies last. The universal camera strap is set to ship to backers in January 2020. Head on over the KUVRD camera strap Kickstarter page for more details, and to see if this strap is the one you’ve been looking for.

Brett Day

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