A Beautiful Mess: Gitzo Legende Backpack Review

The Gitzo Legende Backpack is a stunning camera bag that’s super comfortable, but they messed up in a few spots.

I had so many high hopes for the Gitzo Legende backpack. But quite honestly, I’ve always felt that the Vitec group shoots themselves in the foot. Their products tend to get it 80% right most of the time. Rest assured that they’re not bad products, but something is just always weird or off. That’s the case with the beautiful Gitzo Legende backpack. It was backed on IndieGogo quite heavily. But, Gitzo messed up in a few critical spots. 

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The Beautiful Gitzo Legende Backpack Lacks Critical Features

We’re almost done putting the brand new Gitzo Legende backpack through its paces.

Funded in around 30 minutes on IndieGogo, the Gitzo Legende backpack is generating a lot of hype. We have one of around 100 in America right now. And trust us, it’s beautiful! It’s also incredibly weather-resistant. Believe it or not, it’s also surprisingly comfortable. However, it’s got a number of pretty big issues. We discussed that in our recent episode of Pro Camera Reviews.

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Alice Camera Is Showing the Big Boys How to Drive Camera Tech Forward

An AI-Infused camera known as the Alice Camera should be a wake-up call to Canon, Nikon, Sony, and all other camera manufacturers.

It has been a while since a new camera made me tingle. The wait for a camera to do such a thing is over now. A new campaign on Indiegogo from Alice Camera is finally infusing smartphone technology into an interchangeable lens camera (ILC). If the big boys are smart, they will pay attention to this AI-infused camera. While it may not be perfect, the geniuses behind it are certainly moving photography and videography in the right direction. Find out why this new smartphone-powered camera has us in a tizzy after the break.

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The ZIEGEL Camera From Bonzart Looks Unique, Quirky, and Fun

The Ziegel from Bonzart is a small, take-everywhere camera that screams fun, and that’s something we all sorely need.

It’s been a long time since I have been as excited about a camera as I am about the ZIEGEL from Bonzart. There are so many identical cameras on the market these days, and honestly, it can be quite hard to get pumped up about them. Fortunately, one company out there remembers that the pure joy of photography is something everyone should experience. The ZIEGEL from Bonzart is a small, interestingly styled digital camera that’s completely customizable. It also sports some incredibly unique features that will make even the most hardened photographers crack a smile. Join us after the break to find out more about the Indiegogo backed ZIEGEL camera from Bonzart.

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Essentials: COSYSPEED Lens Pouches (Help an African Mother Out)

Essentials is a series featuring products we’re lusting over in quick, bite-sized posts.

A lens pouch? Why would someone need that in 2020? Well, there are actually a lot of great reasons why, the least of which is to assist travel photographers and photojournalists protecting their gear. But most importantly, the COSYSPEED Lens Pouches are made in the poorest country in the world, situated in Africa. And when you make a purchase, you help a mother provide for her family. It’s a win-win situation: you get a well-made product, and a mom helps her child eat. That’s the initiative behind COSYSPEED’s IndieGoGo campaign!

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This 4K Wireless Touchscreen Monitor Could Make You More Productive

wireless touchscreen monitor

If you need a secondary display to help with content creation, Evolve III’s Astro 4K wireless touchscreen monitor might be a viable option.

Have you been thinking about adding a second display to your workstation to help with media creation? Perhaps you have been looking for a wireless monitor that could help you be more productive while on the move? If so, you might be interested in Evolve III’s Astro 4K wireless touchscreen monitor. Join us after the break to find out more about this innovative wireless touchscreen monitor that has been designed with creators in mind. Continue reading…

Half a Million Historic Jack Rosen Photos Are Waiting to Get Digitized

When New Hope, PA photographer Jack Rosen passed away in 2006, he left behind a massive body of work that needs to be digitized and cataloged. Here’s how your support will help make it happen.

Jack Rosen was one of the best photographers of his time, yet it’s likely that many aren’t familiar with him and his work. That is what a crowdfunding project seeks to change, first by digitizing and cataloging the lot of negatives and slides he left upon his passing in 2006. It’s a monumental task for his son, who has taken the helm of the project ,dubbed The Jack Rosen Photo Challenge, which he’s currently funding on Indiegogo.

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Apparently, Canon Launched a Camera on Indiegogo

Among the latest Canon releases is the Canon IVY REC, dubbed the “Go Anywhere Camera” and currently being funded on Indiegogo.

Canon may not be the first company to come to mind when it comes to crowdfunding projects, but they just dropped the Canon IVY REC on Indiegogo. It’s a waterproof, shockproof, and wearable camera that you can clip on your belt or bag and take anywhere.

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Want High Res Images from the Apollo Missions? Here’s How

Apollo Mission Photography

This collection of Apollo mission photography is probably a must-have for space fans.

It’s hard to believe that this year marks the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 astronauts setting foot on another planet. This massive achievement would not have been possible had it not been for NASA being put on a fast track to the moon. As you can imagine, thousands of photos were taken along the way from the first flight of Apollo 7, all the way through to one small step for mankind being made. In order to celebrate this huge milestone in history, a new set of fully restored, high-res images have been assembled. Find out how you can get your hands on a commemorative USB featuring breathtaking Apollo mission photography after the break. Continue reading…

Specialwaves Mine S is Like a Custom Keyboard for Photo Editing

The new Mine S by Specialwaves is designed for creative professionals still looking for a highly configurable physical controller for their software and devices.

Italian tech startup Specialwaves has recently introduced Mine S, a new modular physical controller that promises to be a precise and intuitive device for a wide range of software and devices. If you’ve been using different controllers for your creative applications and equipment, this creative tool could change that for you. Mine S prides itself in being the world’s most adaptable modular physical controller, which addresses the needs of various creative professionals such as photographers, videographers, editors, lighting technicians, musicians, DJs, and VJs. It could very well be just the tool you need if you’re a multi-disciplinary creative looking for flexible tools that you can mix and match according to your workflow.

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Camerica’s Photography App Could Help You Earn a Little Extra Cash

photography app

Travel, snap, earn; that’s the premise behind Artem Chystiak’s photography app Camerica.

There are so many photography apps in mobile marketplaces that offer the chance to make money by sharing your photos. But a new photography app from Artem Chystiak aims to put a little bit of a spin into things that could help make you a little bit of cash on the side if you happen to be in the right place at the right time. Join us after the break for more information about a potential new photography app called Camerica. Continue reading…

The Overland Book Unvcovers the Unknowns of Central Asia

Travel photographers and avid adventurers are likely to get inspired with the stories encapsulated in the Overland photo book.

There’s always a lot about physical photobooks and monographs that make the viewing experience more rewarding. That’s why whenever we come across a printed project, we feel more of us should indulge in the tactile experience once in a while. This is especially the case with travel photography that focuses on roads less traveled and mostly unknown places. Such is the case for the Overland photobook, which promises to “take the reader on a visual journey across the almost forgotten lands of Central Asia.”

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The NANO1 is the World’s Tiniest Camera for Astrophotography

You can start “small” with astrophotography with the teeny tiny NANO1, the world’s smallest astronomy camera.

Ever wanted to point your camera to the night sky and take some gorgeous Milky Way photos, but feel intimidated by all the gadgets and gizmos required?  With the ultra portable NANO1, all the technology you need to get started fits in your pocket. Yep, this teeny tiny camera promises to let you shoot for the stars without all the bulky equipment. Created by Singapore-based TinyMOS, NANO1 follows the TINY1 launched in 2016 and now holds the distinction of being the world’s tiniest astronomy camera. It weighs only less than 10 0g (3.5 oz) with the kit lens attached, and measures 63.25 mm (2.49″) on its longest side. When paired with their mini tripod, it tips the scale at 250 g (8.8 oz), which is still a lot lighter than the lightest DSLR or mirrorless camera with lens.

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KUVRD Aiming to Ship Their New V2 Universal Lens Caps by March 2019

Universal lens caps

KUVRD’s newly designed universal lens caps aim to make protecting your lenses frustration free.

There’s nothing more frustrating than lens caps sometimes. The small circular pieces of plastic that we rely on to protect our precious glass can be pain to keep track of, and they can even be quite difficult to get back in place at times. KUVRD have been trying to make lens caps easier to use for a while now, and their new V2 universal lens caps look to build on the success of the originals that were released at the beginning of 2018. After the break we have more details about the two new members of the KUVRD lens caps; the Micro and the Magnum. Continue reading…

This Big Book of Pit Bull Headshots from Hollywood is So Heartwarming

Pet photography is a hard genre to master, but this L.A based commercial photographer has it figured out and is putting his skills to good use.

We’ve all heard the terror stories about Pit Bulls and how they’re a dangerous breed of dog. One photographer though is doing his best to raise awareness about this kind, playful breed through a new campaign on Indiegogo. By creating a big book full of headshots that show off Pit Bulls playful sides, Peter Michelena is hoping to remove the stigma that surrounds these dogs through pet photography. Read on after the break to find out more about how this commercial photographer is trying to change peoples perceptions of Pit Bulls one headshot at a time. Continue reading…

PhoGo App Aims to Change How Clients and Freelance Photographers Connect

PhoGo promises to make it easier for clients to connect with the photographers they need through a revolutionary mobile app.

Ever needed a photographer for an urgent project but can’t seem to find one? Alternatively, are you a photographer having a hard time getting started with your career because clients can’t seem to find you? The solution could soon come in the form of the PhoGo app, which promises to transform the freelance photography market as it stands today. Continue reading…

Opinion: Crowdfunding Isn’t How You Go Funding Your Next Camera Purchase

Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and other crowdfunding platforms aren’t there for funding that $1,000 camera you’ve been drooling over.

Today in “face palm-worthy stuff you find in the Internet”, we spotted an Indiegogo campaign by someone asking funding for photography equipment, and subsequently, his stint as an amateur photographer. This is not meant to shame the person to a pulp, but more to raise awareness for people like him about what crowdfunding platforms are made for. And it’s definitely not for funding your next camera purchase.

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Support Rescue Dogs in London with the Haute Dogs 2019 Calendar

Already looking for a nice calendar for the coming year? This 2019 calendar looks perfect if you’re a dog lover and keen on supporting a worthy canine cause.

It’s that time of the year again where we start shopping for the perfect calendar to grace our spaces. Luckily for dog lovers, we have just the right one for you. The cleverly named Haute Dogs Calendar 2019 won’t only feature adorable canines sporting their best looks, it will also let you support a worthy cause for UK’s rescue dogs.

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This Project Aims to Convert a Camper Van Into a Giant 360° Pinhole Camera

If funded successfully, the 360° Pinhole Camper Van project will be traversing Europe to take pinhole photos and videos. 

While some of us are dreaming of a nomadic life aboard a converted camper van, London-based freelance photographer Santino Pani wants to transform his van into a giant 360° Pinhole Camper Van. If he meets his £15,000 funding goal on Indiegogo, he plans to take it across Europe and document what he already perceives to be an extraordinary photographic experience.

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Holga Digital Has a Limited Hong Kong Skyline Edition on Indiegogo Marketplace

If you find the Holga Digital still an interesting idea, you might want to check out a limited Hong Kong skyline edition now available on Indiegogo Marketplace.

It’s been three years since the Holga Digital was released and fully funded on Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but not without some hiccups along the way. For those who are still curious about the camera at the very least, there’s a limited Hong Kong skyline edition that has been made available on the Indiegogo Marketplace. Continue reading…

UPDATE: Did Yashica Just Tell Kickstarter Backers That They’ll Need to Pay More to Get Their Cameras?

Photographers are very, very angry with Yashica right now.

The story of Yashica is one of an underdog riding on the sympathies of many people. But they probably just made one of the biggest mistakes in Kickstarter history. The company told backers earlier this year that their cameras and the production was being delayed. The reason: they wanted to make a better product. Fair enough, I guess. So instead of May 2018 we were supposed to receive our cameras at the end of July, which is now. I say “we” because I personally am a backer, and to that end, I’m the source of this news. Today, we received the weirdest and perhaps most perplexing update ever.

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