The Overland Book Unvcovers the Unknowns of Central Asia

Travel photographers and avid adventurers are likely to get inspired with the stories encapsulated in the Overland photo book.

There’s always a lot about physical photobooks and monographs that make the viewing experience more rewarding. That’s why whenever we come across a printed project, we feel more of us should indulge in the tactile experience once in a while. This is especially the case with travel photography that focuses on roads less traveled and mostly unknown places. Such is the case for the Overland photobook, which promises to “take the reader on a visual journey across the almost forgotten lands of Central Asia.”

Overland: Through the Middle of the World is a promising volume that chronicles the Central Asia adventures of photographer, writer, and outdoor enthusiast Alexander Pflaum and his brother. It all began with their purchase of a beat up Mitsubishi Pajero they named Caspar from an old dusty Georgian car market, and went on for three months and 11,942 kilometers. If all that sounds like an adventure, the Overland book promises to take us along an immersive road trip centered on history, culture, and local stories.

“For many (myself included), Central Asia is just a large area on the map full of places you’re not sure how to pronounce. A century of Soviet occupation cast the region in a shroud of secrecy, which since the fall of the Iron Curtain, has scarcely been lifted,” wrote Pflaum on the project story. “The surprising reality is that for much of human history, the region was considered the center of civilization, consisting of trade routes threading their way from Europe to China.”

Overland has been successfully funded through Kickstarter and Indiegogo, but you can still grab a copy on the latter as an Indemand project. It’s set to be a 24×30 cm, 120-140 paged coffee table book, printed on premium quality uncoated paper. Looking at the mock-ups, looks like it’s going to be a gorgeous tome for anyone who loves to travel and has set their eyes on Central Asia as their next destination.

Meanwhile, for those of you who are curious about what the Overland book is going to cover, Alex has created a bunch of short videos on each chapter of their journey:

Chapter 1 – Turkey

Chapter 2 – Caucasus

Chapter 3 – Across Desert and Oases

Chapter 4 – Pamirsky

Chapter 5 – The Last Stan

Chapter 6 – Behind the Scenes


Images via The Overland Book on Kickstarter and Indiegogo