Specialwaves Mine S is Like a Custom Keyboard for Photo Editing

The new Mine S by Specialwaves is designed for creative professionals still looking for a highly configurable physical controller for their software and devices.

Italian tech startup Specialwaves has recently introduced Mine S, a new modular physical controller that promises to be a precise and intuitive device for a wide range of software and devices. If you’ve been using different controllers for your creative applications and equipment, this creative tool could change that for you. Mine S prides itself in being the world’s most adaptable modular physical controller, which addresses the needs of various creative professionals such as photographers, videographers, editors, lighting technicians, musicians, DJs, and VJs. It could very well be just the tool you need if you’re a multi-disciplinary creative looking for flexible tools that you can mix and match according to your workflow.

The Mine S controller is comprised of a case that can accommodate up to 32 modules made up of single electronic interfaces that can be put inside the case both horizontally and vertically. The modules are hot-swappable, which means modules can be removed and reinserted on the go. So, if some parts break during use, just replace the broken module and it works like new. With this tool, users can easily set up a configuration according to their needs instead of being forced to work with standard static controllers.

There are currently 6 Mine S modules available:

  • Pot Module: 270° rotary potentiometer (1×1 position)
  • Pad Module: Pressure sensitive Pad with customizable RGB Led (1×1 position)
  • 2 Buttons Module: 2 toggle on/off Pads with customizable RGB Led (1×1 position)
  • Encoder Module: Infinite Encoder with mappable Push button and Green Led Ring (1×1 position)
  • Slider Module: 60mm travel linear potentiometer (1×3 position)
  • Blank Module: For covering the empty spaces on the case (1×1 position)

Mine S includes the proprietary Controller Editor Software, which is compatible with most photo and video editing programs, as well as other creative applications like music, VJ, lighting, and laser show software. The controller communicates through different protocols, and even allows controlling more than one software and/or protocol at a time to ensure maximum flexibility and seamless transition from one task to the next.




  • WEIGHT: Less than 1 kg / 2.2 lbs (modules included)
  • DIMENSION: 339 x 139 x 33
  • OPERATING SYSTEM: Mac OS & Windows
  • COMMUNICATION PORT: 1 x USB type B (High-retention); 1 x DIN MIDI IN; 1 x DIN MIDI OUT
  • POWERED BY: USB cable (included); Power supply 5V 3A (included, not required in all configuration); Power switch
  • CAPACITY: Case accommodates up to 32 modules
  • MATERIAL: Made with high-end plastic enclosure and brushed aluminum covers
  • EXTRA FEATURES: 2 Extraction keys for module removal; Extraction keys slot; Kensington security slot

Specialwaves currently has the Mine S controller available via Indiegogo for $285 for the Super Early Bird Starter kit. Visit special-waves.com to find out more.