Oscar Lopez Showcases the Stunning Urban Geometry of Rotterdam

All photos by Oscar Lopez. Used with Creative Commons permission.

If you’re a street or architectural photographer who prefers to depict the world in black and white, we bring another minimalist inspiration for you. Oscar Lopez, who brought us the punchy yet calming Waterfront Cityscapes of London and Hamburg, actually has more of these cityscapes captured in this typical style. The latest of these is his quick series on Rotterdam, which features some of his photos from 2018.

Lopez describes Rotterdam, the second largest city and the major port city of the Netherlands, as “the European Mecca of modern architecture.” This collection of photos is both an ode and a testament to that. As with his Waterfront photos, this series is done in a contrasty monochrome style, with a clear focus on the shapes and patterns created by the various architectural elements of the city. Aside from the mostly minimalist visual approach to the big picture, we also see high attention to detail for the quirky and eye-catching elements of the buildings photographed.

The most striking snap from this collection is definitely his shot of the Cube Houses (or Cubic Houses) of Rotterdam, which is actually not an edited or manipulated photo. That’s actually what it looks like in one of the spots, as All That’s Interesting shows us! The curious-looking houses, designed by Piet Blom in the 1970s, are certainly one of the most unique architectural marvels worthy of being photographed and celebrated. What does it look like inside? Totally Instagrammable, we have to say, but see for yourself here. I just wish he’d taken or featured more shots of the trippy Cube Houses!

So, the next time you’re visiting this part of the Netherlands, make sure to roam the city and photograph its stunning urban geometry. If you liked Oscar Lopez’s abstract architectural photography, do check out his Behance portfolio for more of his urban geometry showcase.