UPDATE: Did Yashica Just Tell Kickstarter Backers That They’ll Need to Pay More to Get Their Cameras?

Photographers are very, very angry with Yashica right now.

The story of Yashica is one of an underdog riding on the sympathies of many people. But they probably just made one of the biggest mistakes in Kickstarter history. The company told backers earlier this year that their cameras and the production was being delayed. The reason: they wanted to make a better product. Fair enough, I guess. So instead of May 2018 we were supposed to receive our cameras at the end of July, which is now. I say “we” because I personally am a backer, and to that end, I’m the source of this news. Today, we received the weirdest and perhaps most perplexing update ever.

The lead image of this article shows half of the email update. But the above image shows the main message of the rest of the update. Perhaps their English isn’t the best, but the above message can be interpreted to say that backers won’t be getting their cameras unless they pay more. If that’s the case, Yashica is making a massive mistake by telling photographers that their campaign is continuing via IndieGogo. In fact, lots of backers are furious. We want our cameras already!

Yashica has yet to clarify their statement, but there is a possibility that they’re saying the product we’re getting is actually worth much more than what we paid. At least, that’s what I hope they’re saying.

In Yashica’s defense, they did a lot to improve the camera. They gave it an f2 aperture lens, then there was discussion of a larger sensor and metal body, and after getting the final design tweaks we still don’t have our camera. It feels like a pretty awful bait and switch.

We’ll update this post once Yashica offers clearer words.

Editor’s Note: In a previous version of this article, we referenced this website. We’ve since removed the reference.

Update: Yashica has responded

This KICKSTARTER update intends to inform our backers of the product market pricing, which is much higher than what paid at Kickstarter campaign.

The Kickstarter campaign ended and your payment was settled last November. 
Of course, you are not required to pay any extra money even the product value and price appreciates.

The Indiegogo campaign started last November after Kickstarter Campaign ended. 
The special offer at Indiegogo expires after July31, 2018.

Thus it also reminds the last chance for our backers to get the product at special price. 
For shipping schedule, please refer to our update Mar31, 2018 and stay tuned to our coming update this week.

The Team have been working hard to have the shipment started soon. 
Hope it is clear enough. 

Chris Gampat

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