The New Vinta Type II Backpack Has to be One of the Sexiest Things We’ve Seen

The Vinta Type II backpack has a few upgrades from the previous version

When I first reviewed the Vinta S backpack, I acknowledged that it was good with a bit more emphasis on fashion over functionality. But then I went back to revise the review after using it for a few more months; and today it’s one of my most used camera bags. Does it have quick access? No; but none of my camera bags do and I’ve always found that quick access on a backpack is significantly more cumbersome than it is with a messenger bag. However, Vinta’s bags are by far the most comfortable that I’ve ever used and they’re always able to carry everything I need for a quick day trip. Now, Vinta is coming out with a brand new Vinta Type II backpack with a number of major upgrades to the camera bag.

Update: Here’s the Kickstarter link

For starters, the new bag seems to be made of a new water resistant leather and premium twill that other camera bag manufacturers have used but don’t seem to make it anywhere as stylish. Vinta’s bags remind me a bit of Olliday’s except that there are different approaches and thought processes to the bags. When you don’t want to use the bag for camera related reasons, you can remove the interior packs. According to Vinta:

“Our Type II bag is designed for everyday use, comes with an incredibly convenient, and intuitive design that allows the user to switch from travel to photography at a moment’s notice. The Camera Pack can house two camera bodies, and up to four lenses. The bag comes set up for travel or for camera, and the user will have the option to buy both the Camera Pack, and Travel Pack at a value price.

The all new material is weatherproof, and the Type II bag now comes with waterproof zippers. It’s slightly taller and larger than our first bag, easier for 15inch laptops as well as a bit more space for overall gear.”

One of the other big changes is that instead of there being just a small pack that goes up top, there is a whole other pack that includes the dividers for your camera gear. Both of these smaller packs go inside the Vinta Type II backpack. In addition to that, the tripod holder area is on the side vs on the bottom. The magnetic latches are still there; which is really nice. The bag can also accommodate a 15 inch laptop if you wish. The front pockets have also changed a bit.

To get the Vinta Type II backpack going, Vinta is doing a Kickstarter. You can find the project on Vinta’s Kickstarter page.

Chris Gampat

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