Review Update: The New WANDRD Cubes Don’t Suck, They’re Great!

We’ve updated our PRVKE 31 pack review to include the new WANDRD Cubes.

It’s been a while since we reviewed the WANDRD PRVKE 31 pack, and even to this day, we tend to carry it with us on trips. The bag is fantastic in so many ways. Though it was marketed as an optional Tote bag, it’s evident to us this never worked out, but as a backpack, it has to be one of the most comfortable we’ve tested. In addition to that, the rolltop design allows photographers to carry extra lenses, clothing, and much more while on a shoot. They made it even better recently with the addition of their new cubes. These cubes are better built and also finally have dividers that don’t suck. As the ethical alternative and choice to Peak Design, we’re very happy a company that treats photographers well is doing something like this.

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This Nearly $7,000 Pack of Polaroid Film was Signed by Andy Warhol

The great photographer and artist Andy Warhol had a major affinity for Polaroid film and here’s some extra proof.

Photographer Andy Warhol and his love of Polaroid film is no real secret if you pay attention to history. This recent find on eBay is a major treasure for any fan of Polaroid, Instant film, or even Warhol himself. Also known as the creator of Pop Art, Andy is also closely known for his many Polaroid photos shot over the years–some were taken in his studio while others were shot at parties almost Photo Booth style. Said “treasure” is none other than a pack of Polaroid film signed by Andy himself. Technically, one could argue that this belongs in a museum. But on the other hand, it would make much more sense in the collection of a photographer or a designer.

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The New Vinta Type II Backpack Has to be One of the Sexiest Things We’ve Seen

The Vinta Type II backpack has a few upgrades from the previous version

When I first reviewed the Vinta S backpack, I acknowledged that it was good with a bit more emphasis on fashion over functionality. But then I went back to revise the review after using it for a few more months; and today it’s one of my most used camera bags. Does it have quick access? No; but none of my camera bags do and I’ve always found that quick access on a backpack is significantly more cumbersome than it is with a messenger bag. However, Vinta’s bags are by far the most comfortable that I’ve ever used and they’re always able to carry everything I need for a quick day trip. Now, Vinta is coming out with a brand new Vinta Type II backpack with a number of major upgrades to the camera bag.

Update: Here’s the Kickstarter link

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Review: WANDRD PRVKE Pack Camera Backpack (31)

For the most part, the WANDRD PRVKE Pack 31 is the perfect camera bag for photographers.

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with backpacks designed for photographers: but the PRVKE Pack may be the only one that I actually like except for the Langly Alpha Pro. When the Kickstarter launched, it was very aggressively marketed to be the single backpack that the traveling photographer needs. To that end, the PRVKE pack has loads of space, dividers, expandability, features that try to turn it into a tote bag, and other features that make a whole lot of sense when used during actual travel. In fact, I’ve taken it on two press trips and many a shoot.

Editor’s Note: Updated November 2019; and we love this one so much. You can pick it up from Adorama

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Paul C Buff Announces The New Vagabond Lithium Extreme


It’s been a while since Paul C Buff announced anything really new or cool; but yesterday the company announced the brand new Vagabond Lithium Extreme battery back. Now, the photo above is actually the Vagabond Mini because the company hasn’t shown off what it looks like yet. The new battery pack will boast a 400W power source; and the company is saying that it can recycle “considerably faster” than the 25lb Profoto Batpack, 11lb Innovatronix Mini, Elinchrom Quadra Ranger and others. As for actual specs, they’re saying that it cycles 640WS in 2 seconds, 1280WS in 4 seconds, 1920WS in 6 seconds, 2560WS in 8 seconds, and 3200WS in 10 seconds, as well as most 1200 to 2400WS power pack systems in 4 to 8 seconds. It employs a very sturdy metal light stand clamp for up to 1-1/2″ poles, and a 2A USB port capable of charging smart phones and tablets.

But here’s the crazier part: they’re saying that it can operate a 4-5 light system.

Like the previous Vagabonds, they’re highly recommending that you turn the modelling light on your strobe off when using it–which is unlike the Profoto B1 and others.

When it launches in April, it’ll retail for $399.99. As a former Vagabond Mini and Vagabond user, I really hope that they fixed the burn out rate.