The Rezivot Instant Film Processor Lets Your Medium Format Film SLR Camera Shoot Instax Film

Be still my heart, because Rezivot Instant Film Processor is fulfilling so many dream right now!

In what is perhaps one of the most exciting announcements in medium format film photography this year, there’s a brand new Kickstarter that is going to make you all very happy: the Rezivot Instant Film Processor. This is essentially what many photographers have been looking for for a while, a way to make their medium format film cameras shoot Instax film. The processor lets users load Fujifilm Instax Wide and Fujifilm Instax Square into a camera such as their Mamiya RB67 and shoot to their heart’s content with the adapter.

So why is this so exciting? Well, photographers used to use Fujifilm peel apart film like Fujifilm 100-C and Fujifilm 3000-B to shoot images on their medium format DSLRs. But the film was always larger than the imaging circle and so there were black edges. Since the film was discontinued, it’s been tough to get your hands on. However, Fujifilm Instax Wide and Fujifilm Instax Square are smaller formats than the 3×4 peel apart film and they are also smaller than 6×7, 6×8, and 6×9 camera formats. So the film will be covered by the entire imaging circle. Instax Square is essentially the size of 6×6 square format too–and as they’re demonstrating in the Kickstarter video for the Rezivot Instant Film Processor, the back will also work with Hasselblad cameras.

Here’s some critical information from the Kickstarter:

Rezivot Instant Film Processor Product Specifications

  • Weight about 400 grams including the battery.
  • Powered by two CR2 batteries
  • Wide version use Fujifilm Instax wide film, Square version use Fujifilm Instax square film.
  • Main power switch to prevent fault press while you keep it in your bag.
  • OLED display screen for battery and remain film counting.
  • Adaptable to mount polaroid packfilm holder’s connecting plates made by various companies.

How Does Rezivot Instant Film Processor Work?

For our wide version

1. Remove the connecting plate from your old packfilm holder.
2. Install connecting plate to our Instant film processor.
3. Insert Fujifilm Instax Wide film and battery.
4. Enjoy Instax Wide film everywhere with your camera.

For Square version ( Current Hasselblad exclusive) 

1. Mount it on your Hasselblad.
2. Insert Fujifilm Instax Square film and battery.
3. Enjoy Instax Square film everywhere with your hasselblad.

Be sure to check out the Rezivot Instant Film Processor on Kickstarter.

Hat tip to Brent for sending this to us!