Infographic Shows How Instagram is Running Social Media Marketing

Instagram is arguably the most powerful platform for marketing now

There’s no denying that Instagram has become the top online marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. Every major company has an account, and even independent brands are banking on it in place of traditional ads. It’s highly visual, has a wide reach, and effortlessly trendy — and that easily sounds like the formula for a successful marketing tool. An infographic shared with us by eCommerce solutions X-Cart reveals the figures behind the influence of Instagram.

While the e-commerce industry takes the biggest chunk of marketers and sellers on Instagram, this platform has definitely become helpful to photographers as well. A sizable portion of accounts are owned and maintained by photographers and their team, which doesn’t come as a surprise since Instagram started out primarily as a photo sharing app. Today, it’s safe to say that most photographers see Instagram as the tool of choice to share their work, gain a significant following of regular and potential clients, and showcase their expertise. Even film labs, film retailers, independent photography brands, and sellers of vintage photography gear have taken on Business accounts.

In the infographic below put together by X-Cart, we get to see some of the relevant figures pertaining to Instagram’s marketing power, and what it means for businesses who are looking into tapping its massive audience.

While the infographic was put together with eCommerce in mind, it’s easy to relate everything to photography brands. For example, 70% of top brands are already using influencer marketing, and we know this to be the case for online marketing campaigns of big photography brands like Fujifilm, Nikon, and Canon across the globe. Out of this figure, 61% of the brands are consumer electronics.

There are also figures that suggest what Instagram can do for professional photographers and independent photography brands. While the top brands are allocating bigger and bigger budgets on influencers, advocates — or those with up to 5,000 followers — actually drive the most engagement. This means you don’t necessarily need an influencer (and shell out an average of $300 per sponsored post) to promote your brand or business. Someone who genuinely supports what you do — like a satisfied customer — can get the word out for you, recommend your products and services, and effectively get you more followers and potential clients or customers.

If you want to know more about using Instagram as a marketing or selling tool on Instagram, X-Cart has also included links to their in-depth guide here.

Instagram Marketing Infographic by X-Cart. Used with Permission.