Want to See Just How Powerful Instagram Has Become Today?

Everyone knows now that businesses today need Instagram presence as part of their marketing strategies. But how powerful exactly is this social media platform today?

When Instagram hit the Internet in 2010, no one probably anticipated that it would grow immensely and become instrumental to every online marketing strategy. Today, it now boasts of over 500 million active users per day and over a billion active users per month. With that many users, it’s not surprising why virtually all brands and companies are seeking to get a slice of views and interactions from the platform. If you’re yet to use Instagram to your business’ advantage, let this comprehensive infographic by Make a Video Hub give you an idea on why your marketing strategy needs it.

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Infographic Shows How Instagram is Running Social Media Marketing

Instagram is arguably the most powerful platform for marketing now

There’s no denying that Instagram has become the top online marketing tool for businesses of all kinds. Every major company has an account, and even independent brands are banking on it in place of traditional ads. It’s highly visual, has a wide reach, and effortlessly trendy — and that easily sounds like the formula for a successful marketing tool. An infographic shared with us by eCommerce solutions X-Cart reveals the figures behind the influence of Instagram.

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