Oprema Jena Adds the 58mm f2 Biotar as a Bundle Option With the 75mm f1.8

Oprema Optik announced earlier on that they’re planning on bringing back the legendary 75mm f1.8 Jena Biotar lens; but now they’ve got news of adding the 58mm f2 Biotar to the lineup. In an update, the company is announcing pre-production 58mm f2 Biotar lenses that will be added as a bundle option. The 58mm is also quite legendary and some versions had 13 aperture blades while others even had 17. This focal length has also been coming back into style in the past few years as many not-quite-50mm lenses are seeing a rise due to being better for portraiture but still not as long as an 85mm lens.

Zeiss’ old 58mm f2 had anywhere from 13 to 17 aperture blades depending on which version you got your hands on.

This news is primarily being outed via a Kickstarter update that the company made. It states specifically:

“The Biotar 75 is a great lens, deriving from a great family. As we told you, our technical engineers Wolf-Dieter Prenzel and André de Winter have already plans to revive the famous Biotar 58 mm and the Flektogon lenses.

With the 58mm becoming available as prototype very soon, we want you to get the chance to get your hands on the Biotar 58mm already at an early stage. Therefore we have added a pledge which includes the Biotar 58mm and the Biotar 75mm as a bundle. “

We can assume that these lenses are going to be made of metal and will have something of a special bokeh.

I’m a former owner of the original Zeiss 58mm f2 Jena Biotar lens and they were incredible. Bellamy Hunter tells me that most of the lenses are known to have bubbles because of the lack of quality control–but if you happen to get your hands on one that doesn’t have bubbles, then you’re in luck. My buddy Horatio Tan recently played with a 75mm f1.8 Biotar without bubbles, and it’s images super sharp and gorgeous. The original 75mm f1.8 Biotar lenses are going for a lot of money.

Below are images shot with my original Jena Biotar 58mm f2–hopefully the lens will be up to standard; and I’m sure it will be.

Shot at F2

Shot at F2.

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