“No Cameras Allowed” to Showcase Unseen Rock Concert Photographs from the 80’s

Images from “No Cameras Allowed” Kickstarter Page

Concert goers and rock photography fans: here’s something right up your alley, especially if you’ve sneaked in some gear in one too many “no camera” concerts and emerged unscathed, with images intact to tell the tale. Writer, filmmaker, and author Julian David Stone seeks to publish a coffee table book of never-before-seen photos from his “career as an outlaw rock and roll photographer” in the 1980’s. He’s looking into getting it crowd-funded, if that’s a project you’re keen to support.

On his Kickstarter campaign page, Julian shares the story behind the adventure that would later give him material for his photo book entitled “No Cameras Allowed.” The Ramones were in town and it offered him a rare chance to watch them perform and capture everything on film. Not even a scowling security guard’s “No cameras allowed” could stop him. The moment he successfully sneaked in a lens from one sock and the camera body from the other, retrieved some rolls of film hidden in his crotch, quickly assembled everything in the bathroom, and began shooting, he was hooked. Crazy story, right? Well, photographers have gone to great lengths to get their images–Steve McCurry used to sew film rolls into his clothes.

The next five years saw him sneaking in his cameras to photograph some of rock and roll’s greatest icons, bringing home photos that only his closest friends had seen. Now, he’s seeking some Kickstarter backing to digitize his archive and put together more than 250 unpublished photos of over 40 bands for a photo book. It’s an opportunity to get a look at some very rare photos that were never seen before at all. Lots of the photos are fantastic too!

Head to the No Cameras Allowed” Kickstarter page for more information and back this project.