Xavier Buendia Raises Awareness on Suicide with a Photo Collaboration Project

All images by Xavier Buendia. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Creative minds are capable of making great things on their own, but collaborations always bring something interesting to the table. Some of the most unique and eye-opening collaborative projects also come from the merging of different industries. Brighton-based food and portrait photographer Xavier Buendia gives us an example of this in a recent project he did in partnership with a restaurant.

A week ahead of Valentine’s Day, Xavier shot a project for Silo Restaurant in with the goal of raising awareness for depression and suicide. Instead of making a straightforward food-related set, they came up with a series of blind portraits inspired by a prior project.

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The Isolite Lets You Add Flash On and Off After the Picture Has Been Taken

The new Isolite is promising to change the game in how flash photography has been done for years

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa…” That’s essentially what I said when I first heard about the Isolite as I didn’t totally understand how it worked. But the new Kickstarter known as the Isolite is essentially an on-camera flash modifier designed to let you fire off strobes in a photo and then choose to add them later or not. How you ask? How can you add a flash or its output after an image is shot? And how does that really change the game for photo creation?

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Here’s What Happens When You Ignite Gunpowder on Printed Photos

All images by Dewey Keithly. Used with permission.

Photographer Dewey Keithly has been a fan of old photographic processes for a really long time, and he’s also always been very experimental with his work. His latest project was a combination of things including a super interesting and creative idea. For his latest project he took color print images and set them ablaze with gunpowder to give off a really unique look.

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“No Cameras Allowed” to Showcase Unseen Rock Concert Photographs from the 80’s

Images from “No Cameras Allowed” Kickstarter Page

Concert goers and rock photography fans: here’s something right up your alley, especially if you’ve sneaked in some gear in one too many “no camera” concerts and emerged unscathed, with images intact to tell the tale. Writer, filmmaker, and author Julian David Stone seeks to publish a coffee table book of never-before-seen photos from his “career as an outlaw rock and roll photographer” in the 1980’s. He’s looking into getting it crowd-funded, if that’s a project you’re keen to support.

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Shoot Pinhole Photos With the Videre 35mm Cardboard TLR Camera

“I’ve always collected old cameras, and was always very much in love with my Rolleiflex which inspired the design of the original VIDERE and in turn the 35mm VIDERE.” says designer Kelly Angood about her new Kickstarter campaign. The VIDERE 35mm is a brand new TLR camera that’s already received full funding on Kickstarter. But you see, it isn’t the typical TLR camera from Rollei, Blackbird, Yashica, etc. Instead, it’s made out of cardboard and it shoots pinhole photos.

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Cheryl Senter: On The US Presidential Campaign and Instagram

All images by Cheryl Senter. Used with permission. In a previous version of this article we put the incorrect last name. We apologize for this mistake and have corrected it.

A couple of years ago, I don’t think any photographer could have predicted that Instagram would take a bigger front in photojournalism so much so that it’s used to report on the US Presidential Election race. Photojournalist Cheryl Senter is one the photographers using the platform for reporting on the campaign trail–and she thinks that in a couple of years the emphasis is going to be even more on connected cameras and phones.

Cheryl is a photojournalist that has been working in the field for many years, and values the platform not only for its immediacy that newsrooms love, but also as a great way to get feedback from peers that she doesn’t necessarily get because she’s never in the office. To that end, she eventually wants to work for various Instagram feeds for the power that is possess and the importance it has to news agencies.

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NewViewWear is Apparel Meant to Capture Your Sad Daily Life


There are times that we get product pitches and we wonder to ourselves, “Why?” Take this latest IndieGoGo campaign for NewViewWear–the company looking to create apparel designed to help you capture your everyday life second by second…sort of. They’re taking the hands-free capture idea and incorporating it into clothing ideas that look like a cross between Old Navy and the Gap.

The clothing requires you to use their camera which slides into a special pocket with a lens port so that it can capture your life–though we can’t help but think that you’d look like a marsupial mammal toting around its Joey in the small pouch. There is also the option of having wearable clips and lanyards.

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Ad Agency Creates Hilarious Image Campaign of a Man Doing Interesting Things with Kraft Dressing


Images courtesy of Bernstein and Andriulli and Douglas Friedman.

Who says that sex doesn’t sell? Heck yes it does. And in a recent ad campaign, ad agency Bernstein and Audriulli got an organization called One Million Moms very…um…excited, sort of. The ad campaign was for Kraft dressing–which as many folks know is carried all across supermarkets in the US. And who usually does lots of the grocery shopping? Well, moms do. And so to get a mom to buy the product, why the heck not put a super ripped guy in a curious pose?

The images were shot by photographer Douglas Friedman wanted to try to make it interesting. Because seriously, how else do you make salad dressing interesting unless you put lots of bacon on it? But that is appealing to a whole nothing crowd in a totally different type of way.

The model, Davis, was asked to do some very interesting things with salad dressing. The rest of the photos are after the jump.

Via Jezebel

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