Shoot Pinhole Photos With the Videre 35mm Cardboard TLR Camera

“I’ve always collected old cameras, and was always very much in love with my Rolleiflex which inspired the design of the original VIDERE and in turn the 35mm VIDERE.” says designer Kelly Angood about her new Kickstarter campaign. The VIDERE 35mm is a brand new TLR camera that’s already received full funding on Kickstarter. But you see, it isn’t the typical TLR camera from Rollei, Blackbird, Yashica, etc. Instead, it’s made out of cardboard and it shoots pinhole photos.


So not only is the VIDERE 35mm a camera designed and tailored to shoot 35mm film. But it also includes improvements over the previous models. It sports a brand new, light-proof, click-together 35mm film mechanism with a re-loadable 35mm film canister so you can re-use your VIDERE hundreds of times. Additionally, there are solid, grippy 3D printed film advance knobs. Then there’s also a new ultra-hardwearing shutter according to what Kelly tells us in an email.

Other features include:

  • Tripod thread as standard.
  • Precision laser-cut, anodised aluminium 0.2mm pinhole.
  • Around 30% smaller than the original model and now featuring a folding roof, making it even more compact.
  • Simplified 12-step construction and improved build-ability. Expect to go from flat-pack to shooting your first roll of film within an hour!

Be sure to check out the VIDERE 35mm kickstarter campaign. As an extra tip, I should add that some of the best pinhole images are honestly done in black and white. Color pinholes that are really good can be difficult to do. But with black and white, the viewer tends to get transported to a whole other world. Luckily, there are also a whole lot of fine grain and slow black and white films on the market that you can load into this camera.

Of course, it should go without saying too that this is a paper camera. So it’s probably not going to be something that you can hand down to a child and that will get better with age. Instead, just go out and have fun with this camera or give it to a kid to get them into photography.