After 10 Years, Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal Film is In Stock at Freestyle Photographic

Last year, Adox (who own Agfa) announced they were coming back out with Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal film–and now it’s available and in stock at Freestyle Photographic according to an email they sent out recently. You can snag a roll for $7.99. This marks the arrival and successful relaunch of yet another film. Adox Scala 160 is a panchromatic film that has been gone for nearly 10 years from the market and is touted as an emulsion that delivers really high sharpness.

According to Adox’s website:

“SCALA is(t) a black and white reversal film intended for reversal processing. This is not a negative film which could be reversal processed rather it has been designed especially for this purpose.”

That means it’s going to be very interesting to work with. Unfortunately, it’s also tough to support the development of it due to many labs around the world not offering the ability to.


  • True Black and White Reversal Film
  • 35mm x 36 exp.
  • 160 ISO (NOT DX-CODED)
  • Coated onto 120 micron clear Triacetate Base
  • Increased Silver Content for Incredible Sharpness
  • Very Fine Grain
  • High Resolving Power

Each roll of 35mm Agfa Scala 160 film has 36 exposures. It doesn’t seem like there is any news of a 120 version of the film coming out any time soon, and that’s a pity: 120 typically means even smoother grain and more details due to more emulsion being available on the film plane.

Due to the low ISO of 160, Adox Scala 160 is recommended by Lomography for architecture, still lifes, and landscapes. Of course, that also means it’s going to be good for portrait shooting out in the sun or in studios with full control over your lighting. And if you own a Canon EOS, Nikon F, Minolta Alpha, Leica M, or Pentax K mount camera then you can use the film with some of the newest and sharpest lenses on the market.

Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.