ADOX Expands Operations Announces Construction of New Factory for Agfa Film

ADOX Factory

After Agfa’s consumer imaging line of products folded and went into receivership, ADOX repurchased Agfa’s MCP, MCC, APX, and the entire line of Agfa Black & White, saving the film and processing for future photographers. With the purchase of the line of Agfa film and chemicals, ADOX was in need of a facility for production and distribution, which they purchased in 2006. A little over ten years later, ADOX has started construction on a new factory in Bad Saarow, Germany (near Berlin).

According to an announcement from ADOX, the construction of the new factory comes at a pivotal time for the company. As interest in film photography continues to expand worldwide, ADOX has increased everything from storage space to reserving space for additional labs and offices. The new factory will also help ADOX to become increasingly independent and stop outsourcing some of the production of their products.

ADOX outlined some of major improvements the factory will bring for the company and how it will ultimately benefit consumers:

  • Increase of storage space to optimize product flow and have room for additional products
  • Begin the assembly of a coating machine
  • Setting up of a large cool house for master rolls
  • Setting up of a chemical production line for medium batches of liquid chemistry and for the production of powder chemicals
  • Setting up of a machine shop for maintenance and development of our various machines
  • Reserve space for the relocation of the packaging factory
  • Reserve space to move the Super8 factory which was purchased from GK-Film in 2015
  • Increased lab and office spaces

ADOX has a rich photographic history dating back to 1860 when it was founded as the world’s first photochemical factory. Since then, ADOX has found success in both film and chemistry advances as well as camera manufacturing through the 1960’s. Today, ADOX continues to push advances in the manufacture and revival of the legendary Agfa black and white film stocks for future photographers. You can read their full announcement right here.