ADOX Announces New CAPTURA Technology for Powder Chemistry

ADOX introduces the latest improvement in their powder chemistry with the innovative CAPTURA dust binding technology, which makes chemical mixing safer for film labs and photographers.

Whether you develop your own films at home or you’re running film developing lab, Berlin-based ADOX has some great news for you. Recognizing that film is not dead and it continues to gain momentum, the company has responded by extending and modernizing its production as well as offering new innovative products. The latest of these efforts is the ADOX CAPTURA dust binding technology, which brings an improved formulation of their powder chemistry.

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After 10 Years, Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal Film is In Stock at Freestyle Photographic

Last year, Adox (who own Agfa) announced they were coming back out with Adox Scala 160 ISO BW Reversal film–and now it’s available and in stock at Freestyle Photographic according to an email they sent out recently. You can snag a roll for $7.99. This marks the arrival and successful relaunch of yet another film. Adox Scala 160 is a panchromatic film that has been gone for nearly 10 years from the market and is touted as an emulsion that delivers really high sharpness.

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ADOX Expands Operations Announces Construction of New Factory for Agfa Film

ADOX Factory

After Agfa’s consumer imaging line of products folded and went into receivership, ADOX repurchased Agfa’s MCP, MCC, APX, and the entire line of Agfa Black & White, saving the film and processing for future photographers. With the purchase of the line of Agfa film and chemicals, ADOX was in need of a facility for production and distribution, which they purchased in 2006. A little over ten years later, ADOX has started construction on a new factory in Bad Saarow, Germany (near Berlin).

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