ADOX Announces New CAPTURA Technology for Powder Chemistry

ADOX introduces the latest improvement in their powder chemistry with the innovative CAPTURA dust binding technology, which makes chemical mixing safer for film labs and photographers.

Whether you develop your own films at home or you’re running film developing lab, Berlin-based ADOX has some great news for you. Recognizing that film is not dead and it continues to gain momentum, the company has responded by extending and modernizing its production as well as offering new innovative products. The latest of these efforts is the ADOX CAPTURA dust binding technology, which brings an improved formulation of their powder chemistry.

As some of you may have noticed, powder chemistry usually produces dust during mixing, which brings the risk of being inhaled or polluting the film developing lab. The new CAPTURA dust binding technology solves this problem, making it safer for film photographers to develop their own film and allowing lab operators to keep their working spaces clean of dust contaminants.

With this new technology that they had under R&D for some time, ADOX was able to produce powder chemistry that looks and feels “wet” when it comes from the packaging, but it actually isn’t. According to their official news post, CAPTURA will dissolve in water and “vanish” during mixing. CAPTURA is water-solvent, biodegradable, non-toxic, and doesn’t affect the photochemistry.  The powders also don’t clog up with this new formulation.

The ADOX ADOFIX P II express fixer is the first product to come with the new CAPTURA technology. The company will soon upgrade all their powder products with this new technology, all while preparing more powder chemistry and liquid chemistry to add to their product lines.

ADOX demonstrated the difference between the old formulation and powder chemistry with CAPTURA in the quick video below:

Do check out the ADOX website to learn more about their products and stay updated with their new releases.


Screenshot image from the video by ADOX