Supersense Lets You Print Digital Images Onto a 20×24 Polaroid

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In a press release issued today, Supersense (founded by the same dude who founded the Impossible Project) announced that they’re offering a new service that lets photographers print digital images onto a 20×24 Polaroid. Yes, that’s large format, but one of the reasons why this is so incredible is because that means that the film has a better chance of being kept alive and in production.

Chris Gampat 20x24 Polaroid camera studios (7 of 17)

You see, there are very, very few 20×24 Polaroid cameras left in the world. We featured one way, way back and photographers even take to Kickstarter (NSFW link) to fund a project to work with one of the cameras. But now, photographers won’t necessarily have to. Instead, users will just send the images to Supersense, and one of the seven 20×24 cameras will be part of the medium for how that image gets exposed.

According to the press release:

“Through a hand-build tool invented by Henny Waanders, a former Polaroid camera developer, the SUPERSENSE 20×24 experts expose digital images from an iPad Mini’s retina display through the 20×24 camera onto 20×24 film. Not being a digital print-service but a unique analog exposure-service on instant film, the results depend on a highly complex chemical reaction, being neither predictable nor reproducible.”

Supersense is even letting customers watch how it all happens if they want. Considering what this is, all this is coming at a pretty affordable price point of EUR 250. If you want smaller formats, then you can get an 8×10 at EUR 30.

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