What Happens When Wide Format Shrinks? Epson P8570D Innovates

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Large format printers typically take up as much size as a desk. In addition, many require accessing both sides, which means the printer requires more floor space than the physical size of the printer itself. Epson is trying to change that. Announced on June 15, the new Epson SureColor P series models are 25 percent smaller and can also be pushed up flat against a wall. It’s a change photographers making prints in small spaces will likely be eager about. In a category of printers designed for high volume, however, it’s unfortunately not going to spit out fine art quality prints. Most interesting of the bunch is the new Epson P6570D.

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How Pat Brownewell Is Teaching High Schoolers to Not Photoshop

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“It’s kind of cool that this thing, which was used to document death and destruction, is now being used to photograph bubbles and as a teaching tool for kids,” says Pat Brownewell. Pat is truly something special, and we know this from our previous feature! After honing his digital techniques to be flawless, he went back to large format film. And he’s done that with wedding photography. With the pandemic being what it is, wedding photography dried up, but Pat continued his craft by teaching. And now, he’s showing high school students how to get it right in-camera.

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Magnum Photographer Stuart Franklin Shares an Important Message

All images by Stuart Franklin. Used with permission from Mr. Franklin on behalf of Magnum Photos.

“I wish, but I think it’s unlikely,” replies photographer Stuart Franklin to us when asked if he thinks his image will inspire action against Global Warming. “John Piper’s beautiful painting of the destroyed church at St Mary Le Port didn’t stop World War Two.” Mr. Franklin’s stunning photo of a glacier in the Alps is part of the latest Magnum Square Print sale called Works of Imagination. It’s a solid choice for the sale considering its ethereal look. The photo was shot over a decade ago on Fujifilm Astia. Those of us who’ve been around for a while know how magical slide film like Astia was. Anyone purchasing this photo who knows the story behind it will probably be filled with nostalgia. And from there, the imagination will run wild. So we talked with Stuart more about this photo.

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The Museum of Cameras is Blue Moon’s Love Letter to the Camera Geek

If the Blue Moon Museum of Cameras were a real place, Google Maps would label it as Heaven.

I don’t know about you, but I’m still being cautious. I don’t really want to use my museum memberships during COVID-19. But it’s been cool to see how the world has adapted. It’s opened up a lot of opportunities. And camera retailer Blue Moon Camera has used this time to create the Museum of Cameras. The museum isn’t at physical location though; it’s parked on their website. Though I’d totally entertain the idea of a physical camera museum, and I’d imagine it would have a cafe, a book store, a used camera store, various exhibits about the history of photography, parties every first Friday night, various photo booths, and a killer weekly newsletter. But until Blue Moon Camera considers making a location where you can smell the film, their virtual portal is pretty awesome.

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Galaxy: The Kickstarter That Stole Nearly $70,000 From Photographers

We’re sorry to say it, but we’re never going to get our money back from Galaxy Papers.

There was a time years ago when photographers could easily support the Galaxy Paper system. After all, both our names and Petapixel’s were on them for helping to drive the most funding to their Kickstarter project. But as the years went by, they became more and more silent as they took our money and ran. For analog photographers, one cannot express how much despair and sadness there is from this. They say that wounds heal, but scars don’t. And for lots of photographers, the hole that Galaxy left for us can drive us mad. I had all but forgotten about them and the reps I had tried over and over again to get in communication with. But nothing worked out–and it wasn’t until someone commented on their fully funded Kickstarter back in 2016 that the scars really started to become noticeable again.

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Turning a Portable Scanner Into a Large Format Camera Digital Back

If you’ve ever wondered if there are digital backs for large format cameras, the short answer is yes: the long answer is you can make one yourself.

Large format photography is not only still very much alive, but it’s also evolving thanks to crafty photographers who go the DIY route and give us more ways to work with it. Among the most interesting examples are digital backs for digital cameras — even for large format cameras. Read on if that sounds like something you’d like to try for a weekend project.

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Dramatic Black and White 4×5 Portraits by Andy Lee

All photos by Andy Lee. Used with Creative Commons permission.

Large format remains the imaging format of choice for many portrait photography projects today, given the outstanding resolution and the impressive amount of detail it renders. If you’re learning about this format now and would like to get inspired with some fine examples, Pembroke-based photographer and creative director Andy Lee has some dramatic 4×5 portraits for you to check out.

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The Intrepid 4×5 and 8×10 Large Format Cameras Get High-End Improvements

The Intrepid 4×5 and 8×10 large format cameras are now sleeker and more sophisticated with the latest improvements.

If you’re yet to get your own Intrepid large format camera, now would be a great time to contemplate your options. Intrepid Camera Co. has recently announced upgrades for both of their large format camera models. With this news comes the fourth generation of the 4×5 and the second for the 8×10, and the promise of improvements typically only seen in higher end cameras of its class.

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Short Film Explores the Process Behind Analog and Large Format Photography

Peer into the dedication and passion that film photography requires, especially with more technical mediums like large format photography. 

Surprising as it may still seem to some, there are still photographers who prefer the rigors of film photography, despite the prevalence of the more convenient digital workflow. This is especially the case for those who develop and print their own snaps and also shoot in more specialized mediums like large format. In his short film, director and cinematographer Will Campbell went to find out what keeps film shooters and large format photographers going despite the arduous processes involved in their chosen craft.

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Kodak Ektachrome Will Soon Come in Large Format in Addition to 120

Film cameras are far from dead, and the success of Kodak Alaris’s Ektachrome E100 film is proof.

Medium Format and Large Format camera users could certainly have something to look forward in the coming months. Kodak Alaris recently went on record to say that following the successful launch of Ektachrome E100 35mm film late last year, the company has decided to bring Ektachrome E100 to Medium Format 120 film, and Large Format sheets, and that it hit could be ready for sale within the next few of months! Join us after the break for more info. Continue reading…

It’s Not Photoshop! How Old School Photography Studios are Standing Out in 2019

The next time you need a one-of-a-kind portrait, consider turning to one of these old school photography studios.

There’s no doubt that photography has gone a long way, from the equipment down to the techniques, and even the purpose of each shot. However, we haven’t really forgotten about the craft’s humble beginnings. If the fact that film is still very much alive surprises many today, imagine the astonishment once they learn that even more archaic photographic techniques are still being practiced. Wet collodion photography is as old school as it gets, and there are still a good number of studios out there that offer the unique experience and result it brings.

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Review: SIRUI SR-3204 Tripod and SR-66C Column (The Sturdiest Tripod We’ve Tested)

If you purchase the SIRUI SR-3204 Tripod and SR-66C Column, you’re spending almost $1,000 on tripod equipment.

If you’re a photographer that really, seriously needs some of the best stabilization that you can get your hands on, then the SIRUI SR-3204 Tripod and SR-66C Column is pretty much a no compromise solution. It’s a great option for those of you working with high end, medium format gear and to that end perhaps one of the best options that I’d recommend for photographers who shoot landscapes seriously in the 35mm format. With the right ballhead, it’s something that rivals and in many ways bests the quality of some of the top end Vanguard tripods.

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Notes on Going From Medium Format SLR to Large Format View Camera

Text and photos by David Krooshof. Used with permission.

A month after I bought an Intrepid 4×5 large format camera, I started taking down notes, then reviewed them after nine months. While very condensed compared to other writings, there are also a lot of notes for those who are eyeing to take the plunge into large format photography. It also includes some notes about what to look for in a large format camera. It’s detailed, because I like details. It’s not only technical, but also about what it means to the subject.

Photo above: Angela Davis is an American human rights activist, like my parents were in the sixties. She was very sweet and I am glad that I got this motherly smile from her. I never managed to contact her to give her this photo.


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What It’s Like to Take the World’s Largest Polaroid Photo

Ever wondered how big Polaroid photos can be? We have the answer in this fascinating video.

If no one has told you yet, allow us to let you in on a little secret: Polaroid films go bigger than the 4×5 peel apart instant films you’ve probably seen. Snoop around at the Polaroid Originals website and you’ll see some handmade 8×10 instant films for large format cameras. But, it gets even bigger than that. How big exactly, this interesting video shows us, complete with a photo shoot!

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Mijonju Introduces Photographers to Shooting Large Format with a Wista 45D Camera

For the latest installment of The Mijonju Show, we get some quick tips on shooting with a large format camera.

In case you haven’t heard yet, everyone’s favorite camera lover and collector Mijonju is back with The Mijonju Show. We’ve previously seen him test and review the MiNT InstantKon RF70 prototype a few months ago. In his most recent analog adventure, he takes us to a quick portrait session with a 4×5 large format camera. Step right up if you’re planning to shoot large format soon!

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How to Shoot Fireworks with Film: An Analog Photography Tutorial

Photographing fireworks on film surely does require more work than when shooting digital.

With pyrotechnics, the stars of the show are quite literally shooting stars (“stars” being the fireworks industry’s term for those bits of flying sparkly fire). As in any performance, stars need a stage, and in a photograph the stage is everything else in the frame: the dark sky, buildings, or monuments, even your fellow audience members watching the show.

Although shooting on film eliminates digital photography’s near immediate feedback loop, it has other advantages. If you use color transparency film, you give up dynamic range with film and the ability to easily manipulate color in exchange for sensationally saturated color against a very dark background. The challenge is to get the exposure right while shooting without resorting to post-shoot processing manipulations. On the other hand, ISO 100 to 400 color negative films have an inherently large highlight range and lower contrast which is great for recording the color and details of the bright but short-lived streaks.

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The Intrepid 4×5 Mk 3 Large Format Camera Gets a Minor Update

We’re super excited that the Intrepid 4×5 Mk 3 camera is alive and kicking!

A few years ago, the Intrepid 4×5 camera went to Kickstarter to get crowdfunded. Now, the camera is in its third version and the company is still preaching the idea of high quality at a fraction of the price of other cameras. According to the press release, the new Intrepid Mk3 “…sees the addition of leaf springs to securely hold the ground glass/film holders, rear standard tilt and swing and a much larger baseplate for use with all tripod mounts (1/4 and 3/8).” Though that sounds minor, it adds a whole lot more in terms of the durability and lifespan of the camera. Of course you still need to use your own lenses, tripods, etc. But you’re getting the body frame, the ground glass, the bellows, etc. More tech specs are after the jump.
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HP’s Z Series Large Format Printers Unveiled in Germany

If you want to print big, HP has unveiled some new printers just for you

It’s not everyday that companies launch new printers, let alone new large format printers, but that is exactly what HP (Hewlett Packard) has done with their new DesignJet Z Printer series. The California-based company has had a long history in the printing world, but as more and more document and image sharing has moved online the printing world in general has sharply declined; not much unlike the camera industry. Continue reading…

This Photographer Shot a Large Format Camera While Flying in a Plane as Part of a Bet

Photographer Sebastian Schweers tells us about how he got to shoot a large format camera while flying a plane

“The whole thing came out of a bit of a bet,” says Sebastian Schweers about shooting from an airplane with a large format camera. At ISO 100, f8 and 1/250th, Sebastian was able to get this pretty cool photo opening our story. Sebastian has an interesting family history with photography being a big part of it and aviation being another large part. So when Sebastian shared this image, we were able to get in contact with him and asked him for a feature.

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