Hasselblad and DJI Are Teaming Up For Some Odd Reason

Kevin Lee The Phoblographer Hasselblad CFV-50c Product Image 3

When you think of Hasselblad, you often think about the older and very beautiful medium format film SLR cameras that the company made and digitized. So when the company announced today that they now have a strategic partnership with DJI (the DJI that makes drones) it strikes us as a bit perplexing.

Considering that both companies have a history in aerial photography, this is bound to get interesting. The last thing I want to see is a Hasselblad branded Phantom rip-off (and we know you don’t want to see that either after the whole Sony thing) but what we’ll hopefully see is some sort of medium format drone photography collaboration–which would be super, duper cool!

The press release is holding back lots of details, but there are hints of a medium format drone system in the works hidden in the release. If that is the case, then landscape photographers will have a really, really excellent new option when it comes to drone photography. At the same time though, you’ll need a tank of a drone to fly medium format equipment up into the air.

Who knows, maybe we’ll see it at Photokina next year.

Chris Gampat

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