RNI Films V1.1 Adds Dust and Grain to Your Images

RNI Films dust and grain

RNI Films really is the best way to create images that look genuinely film-like from your mobile device. And today, it’s getting even better. In the company’s latest version 1.1 update, RNI films is giving users the ability for a user to add film grain and scratches to their images. This way, the photos look much more like actual film, slides or even film sheets.

These aren’t just run of the mill grain renderings though. To create these settings, RNI spent time actually scanning the film grain from each of their available film emulsions. They also did the same with dust particles and scratches. So what that means is that there is no gaussian noise added to the images, just pure grain.

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer RNI Films apps review product images (8 of 8)ISO 2001-30 sec at f - 1.8

This update also brings newer enhancements like:

– Improved Brightness Tool for better performance in highlights

– Improvements in some of the film profiles to reduce haloing in highlights

– Various improvements in user experience and bug fixes made after customers’ feedback

This new updates takes around 15% of the company’s new project called Flashback for the moment. I’ve been testing it for around a month now, and it involves something called a Chem Engine which does automatic processing of an image for you and lets you swipe through the options. It’s pretty cool so far, but it still seems to be in the Alpha stage from what I see.

While it still isn’t an actual replacement for real film, it’s pretty darn close. RNI films is still a free download for those of us who arguably own the best phone in the world.

Chris Gampat

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