The Phoblographer’s Top Posts for the Week of May 9th


Want to catch up on the best of our news for the entire week? Well here’s your weekly Phoblographer round up. This week, readers were all about inspiration, tutorials and apparently some of you don’t like the 50mm focal length.


Chris Gampat The Phoblographer Sony 35mm f1.4 Full Frame E Mount lens first impressions photos (3 of 19)ISO 2001-80 sec at f - 5.6

Does the World Still Need DSLRs?: According to you guys, yes–the world still needs DSLRs. It seems like you want to have nothing to do with a world that is devoid of them.

An Ode to the 35mm and 85mm Lenses: An open letter to my photography mentors about why the 50mm focal length wasn’t for me and complete lack of understanding why they tell everyone to go for it.

Five Portrait Lenses That Won’t Make Skin Look Unsightly: Photographers who love portrait lenses may also start to realize that they’re way too sharp at times. Getting lenses that are less sharp can actually make skin look much better.

Making the Best of a 35mm Lens: We teach readers how to start using a 35mm lens and the intricacies of the focal length.

Sony 35mm f1.4 E Mount review: Sony’s latest lens can hold its own with others very well.


7 Places to Find Inspiration on the Web: We’ve used lots of services to find inspiration for photography and overall just for ideas. And this is our list of our favorite sites to find this stuff. If you’re in a photographic slump, check these out and keep thinking about new ideas.

Image by Marius Vieth

Image by Marius Vieth

Six Ways to Draw a Subject’s Eyes into a Scene: Yes, the rule of thirds is king. But if you’re looking for other ways to bring someone’s attention to a specific area of a photo, we’ve got a number of different ways that you can achieve that.

How a 365 Project Was the Best and Worst Thing for Me: Managing Editor Julius Motal talks about his 365 project and what it taught him the hard way–like shooting just to shoot.

10 Inspirational Photographers You Should be Following: Trust us when we say that you probably haven’t heard of these folks. You’ll want to bury yourself in their work after reading this piece.

Shooting Better Food Images With One Light: The secret to getting better food images has to do with making the delectable treats look like they’re part of the human perspective.

Artist Features

ComfortInChaos_JCardin (4)

Iron Man Grounded: When Robert Downey Jr was a complete jerk to him, photographer Raffael Dickreuter decided to find a way to make Iron Man more personable and relatable rather than untouchable by mere mortals.

Comfort in Chaos: This series shows off a man playing with a smokey cloud in a whimsical, fantastic and fun way.

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