Please Read: Why Do We Need $35,000 For La Noir Image?

If you’re a reader of the Phoblographer, you know that we need money for our Kickstarter. It’s come to my attention a number of times that $35,000 sounds pretty high for what a digital magazine needs to actually operate. For some folks, this sounds ridiculous for a digital magazine; but for others it actually sounds too low. In all honesty, it is too low; and we need more than $35,000 to really get this going.

I’m going to explain what the money is going towards for La Noir Image.

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The Top 50 Posts on the Phoblographer for 2015

Chris Gampat The Phoblographer The Beginning Street Photogrpaher (6 of 7)ISO 1001-250 sec at f - 5.0

The year 2015 was a pretty sweet one for the Phoblographer, and today the site officially tusn 6 years old. 2015 saw lots of changes that were in the works: a slight redesign to the desktop to make it look cleaner, a change over to being a more art focused blog, a new mobile redesign, and tweaks to improve the site’s overall load speed.

As far as trends go for the site, it’s very true that you folks still love your gear. Specifically, you’re all about lenses and mirrorless cameras more so than you are about DSLRs. You’re also fans of portraits, landscapes, concert photography and street photography. Despite the loud rumblings of a certain few, it’s also quite true that many of you still have a big interest in fancy and beautiful camera bags in addition to beautiful camera straps.

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Introducing: La Noir Image

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 5.26.33 PM

Dearest readers,

Today, I’m incredibly excited to bring you the latest offering from the Phoblographer LLC. Available for viewing immediately is my latest website: La Noir Image. Born out of society’s fascination with black and white imagery, La Noir Image challenges photographers to think about their portfolio in a totally different way; and to that end, it has been dubbed as “An inspiring documentation of the monochrome lifestyle.”

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Who Wants to Go On a PhotoWalk? Join Us!

Pro Tip: Some of the best times to shoot landscapes are during the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour. Don't start packing up until you need to crank your ISOs up.

Pro Tip: Some of the best times to shoot landscapes are during the Golden Hour and the Blue Hour. Don’t start packing up until you need to crank your ISOs up.

See that view in the photo above? You’ll get a chance to shoot it on a Photowalk that the Phoblographer is putting on with Panasonic Lumix, Tenba and Adorama on December 6th in NYC.

Want to come? It’s free! Details are after the jump.

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Screen Shot 2015-11-15 at 3.46.30 PM

Hey folks,

A lot has been happening behind the scenes here at The Phoblographer LLC. Today, I’m happy to bring a brand new site to you:

This site will serve as a hub to find and itemize the best camera, lens, lighting, and photography accessory deals on the web. It lists current offerings from Amazon, B&H Photo, and Adorama with older listings being shuffled towards the bottom. Very soon, international retailer support via Amazon will be implemented. I know lots of you in other countries have been asking for that, and you should know that it’s coming soon.

To make this easier, All Camera Deals has a steady stream of blog posts that are updated–but it breaks the website up into specific brands too. Want the latest Canon deals? They’re listed. Same with Nikon, Sony, Pentax, etc. If I can find them or they’re sent to me, I’ll list them. With that said, the site functions via affiliate revenue; so every purchase helps me keep that site alive.

Oh yeah! And it’s mobile friendly!!! Super mobile friendly!!!

As Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the holiday season approaches, be sure to follow All Camera Deals on Facebook and Twitter. 

Stay tuned for one other major announcement to come from the Phoblographer LLC this year.