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Dearest readers,

Today, I’m incredibly excited to bring you the latest offering from the Phoblographer LLC. Available for viewing immediately is my latest website: La Noir Image. Born out of society’s fascination with black and white imagery, La Noir Image challenges photographers to think about their portfolio in a totally different way; and to that end, it has been dubbed as “An inspiring documentation of the monochrome lifestyle.”

La Noir Image is a Tumblr and invites photographers to showcase 10 images in their portfolio that they would present to a millionaire for purchase. The caveat: the images need to be only in black and white. Then thought provoking questions are asked of each photographer. Due to the Tumblr nature and the specific artistic audience that this website will cater to, I’m still questioning what social media accounts I will create for it.

La Noir Image will publish one story a day and is currently taking submissions. The intention is to inspire photographers in a different way from what the Phoblographer is capable of doing.


Chris Gampat The Phoblographer 4V Design strap review (10 of 10)ISO 4001-100 sec at f - 2.8

Today, I’m also announcing that La Noir Image will be the segment of the Phoblographer LLC that will be getting into print. Inspired by magazines like Marius Vieth’s Neoprime, La Noir Image is looking to create a single publication in the year 2016. But it’s going to be an exceptional and very special publication. This publication is looking to round up 10 of the best unknown street photographers in the world in an attempt to give their work a more elevated voice in the industry. When published, it will be distributed worldwide. My hope is to have a giant launch party celebrating the work of these fine photographers and to also have intellectual panel discussions on the ethics of photography in our society today.

The publication will be special in other ways too; its design will serve as an excellent coffee table book for photographers and a great book that you’ll want to tote around with you for inspiration. I’m currently trying to decide if it will be funded through Kickstarter or if advertisers will have a part in it.

This is going to be a big project that will involve lots of time, digging through submissions, etc. But I’m determined to give the street photography community and unknown photographers a louder voice. At the same time, the La Noir Image website will look to compel creatives to get out there and shoot.

I look forward to exploring this new endeavor and sharing the work of inspiring photographers with you all each day not only on the Phoblographer, but now on La Noir Image.

Thank you, and please enjoy the work of other photographers.


Chris Gampat

Publisher/Editor in Chief

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