Black and White Urban Geometry Photographers: We’re Looking to Feature You on La Noir Image

Hey folks,

This month La Noir Image, we’re featuring Kodak TMax as our primary focus. But next month, we’re revamping quite a bit and putting a lot more focus on black and white Urban Geometry. So we’re looking for great work from photographers to be featured to an audience that doesn’t care about pixel peeping anywhere as much as they care about the art of a photograph.

Want to get featured? Check out our instructions below.

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From Belushi to Warhol: Marcia Resnick’s Portraits of the Bad Boys Of 1970s New York Counterculture

This is a syndicated blog post from La Noir Image: the Phoblographer’s premium black and white photography website. Subscribe for as little as $15/year for this and a lot more great stories. Original post written by Mason Resnick.

Marcia Resnick spent much of the 1970s and 80s photographing the marginalized, talented and creative souls — as well as some pretty famous rockers and poets — who were drawn like a magnet to dirty, old, low-rent and near-bankrupt New York City. They came there, Marcia observed, to re-invent themselves. “Musicians, writers, artists, photographers, filmmakers and dancers would congregate at clubs like the Mudd, Max’s and CBGB where they would enjoy the music and begin to collaborate on art projects.” Out of this scene came a mixture of punk rockers, transvestites, performers, and older counterculture figures who Resnick found intriguing.

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La Noir Image Subscribers Can Win Two Packs of Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome This Month

Hi everyone,In the spirit of all things analog being featured this month, one lucky La Noir Image subscriber will be the winner of our current giveaway: two packs of Fujifilm Instax Mini Monochrome. This film can be used to great effect with a number of really cool cameras. You can shoot pinholes with this using the Diana F+. Or get really shallow depth of field using the Mint Camera TL70 2.0. Or go for a bit more manual control with the Lomography Lomo’Instant Automat or Fujifilm Instax Mini 90.

This prize is being generously donated to us by Fujifilm; and we’re thankful. The winner will be announced later this month and you will have the film shipped to you shortly afterwards. If you’re reading this post and haven’t subscribed, then you should know that every month La Noir Image subscribers get exclusive access to monthly giveaways. You can start at $15/year, but subscribe for a larger sum and get even more for your money. To subscribe, head over to this link.

As always, you’re also going to be automatically entered into future giveaways. Readers have requested that future giveaways be challenge based though; and so we’ll make that a reality.

Thanks everyone!


Chris Gampat

Publisher/Editor in Chief

Why Black and White? Top Street Photographers Weigh In

Lead photo by Rinzi Ruiz.

Black and White tugs at everyone differently, but there is work that truly tugs at the hearts of everyone. It has the power to create interest from chaos, emphasizing emotion over color noise, and tone over hue. Just look at the trends for street photography and it is not hard to see a general preference to go monochrome over color. #monochrome and #bw commonly go hand in hand with street photography posts.

But why has black and white photography taken such a hold over the street photography genre? Is it as simple as “because that is what everyone else is doing,” or is there more to it? One thing is for sure: even some of the genre’s most popular photographers stick to it!

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Screw the Rule of Thirds: “Composition” For Street Photographers

This is a syndicated blog post from La Noir Image. Subscribe for as little as $15/year for this and much more.

All images and post by Mason Resnick


It may be cliché to say that rules are made to be broken, but it can be argued that the genre of street photography is the photographic discipline where breaking the rules will most likely allow you to see—and capture—more interesting photographs.

Traditional compositional rules come out of pre-photographic art forms. Leading lines, the rule of thirds, centered subjects and so on were developed over centuries by painters and others using two-dimensional forms in order to organize the content of their images and create a common visual language.

Visual artists—painters, photographers, cinematographers and the like—are taught these rules and mostly conform to them.

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Subscribe to La Noir Image: Get a Free Black and White Lightroom Preset Pack

Hey folks,

Great news for subscribers to La Noir Image (our premium black and white photography website) that we announced in our Editor’s Letter earlier this month: when you subscribe to the site for $15/year, you get a special freebie. We’ve worked on 10 special custom black and white photo presets for you folks as well. Once you subscribe, you’ll have access to download them.

If you’re curious to know what they look like, check out the variations after the jump.

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La Noir Image is Featuring Concert and Music Photographers

Hey folks,

Our premium publication, La Noir Image, is currently spotlighting concert and music photographers. This site is a black and white photography publication aimed at inspiring and educating the modern photographer.

From now on, artist features will be free for everyone to view. So if you want to spread the word about your work, this is a great way to do it! You can head on over to La Noir Image’s About page for all the details.

5 Tips For Great Portraits with Fujifilm’s Acros Simulation

This is a syndicated blog post from our sister website, La Noir Image–a premium photography website dedicated to delivering and inspiring those in awe with black and white photography. Subscriptions start as low as $15/year, and we’re working on bigger and better things.

One of the hallmarks of the Fujifilm digital camera system these days is their incredible film simulation profiles which not only produce beautiful colors and gorgeous black and whites, but also an incredibly real-looking and organic grain. One of the simulations available on the latest generation of the X-Series cameras, namely the X-Pro 2 and X-T2, is the Acros film simulation. Unlike the monochrome black and white setting, the Acros simulation offers a slightly more subdued look right out of the box–a look that in this writer’s opinion feels a little more filmic than the standard monochrome black and white.

But those new to this latest generation of X-Series bodies may be wondering how to get the most out of the Acros film simulation, specifically when it comes to portraiture. In this piece, we have several tips and tricks for getting the most out of the Acros film simulation in regards to getting pleasing black and white portraits with an authentic film look.

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10 Under 10K: Emerging Black and White Street Photographers on Instagram

This is a syndicated blog post from La Noir Image. To see more, head over to La Noir Image and subscribe for as little as $15/year. Blog post originally written by Katherine Phipps.

Some of the best are the ones we don’t know about.

I was truly impressed by what I saw while scouring Instagram to show you ten mostly monochrome street photographers to inspire you this month. The thing that excited me most was just how many people are making work like this, and how diverse and interesting street photography really is. In the tradition of the great street photographers of earlier decades, there are people all around the globe adding to the visual record of person, culture, place, and architecture and sharing it with their fellow photographers and humans. Here are some mostly black and white feeds that you’re bound to find particularly inspiring and some reasons why.


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La Noir Image Starts Publishing on September 1st

Hey folks,

Nearly one year after it started publishing, La Noir Image is officially relaunching on September 1st. La Noir Image is a premium Black and White Photography publication from the Phoblographer LLC. It’s a website/e-magazine for the photographers focused on the arts and those who feel that they’re ready to step up in their photography. For those of you confused about that fact, essentially this is a website designed to look and feel like a magazine–especially on a tablet or phone!

Each month will feature a new theme with September’s content focusing highly on street photography. We’ve released one story for free already, which you can see on the website. All of the backlog content will be free, but going forward, only one story a month will be free. This also shows off what the new layout of stories will look like. All of the content focuses on the black and white photo aspect of the art form.

Oh yeah, and it’s ad free!

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La Noir Image Returns on Sept 1st (And Big Changes to the Phoblographer)

Hi everyone,

I genuinely hope that you’ve all had a wonderful weekend. I’ve been working for most of it; in fact, Anthony and I were both working pretty much 12 hours ago from when this is being published.

This post is a note on some of the big changes that are coming to the Phoblographer, but even more importantly to La Noir Image. To refresh, La Noir Image is our black and white photography website that we’ve had on the side for around a year now. We did a Kickstarter to turn it into a magazine for tablets and phones, failed, and we’ve been at work doing revamps to the website since.

Here’s the latest news about what’s going on here.

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La Noir Image: Our Black and White E-Mag Returns in September

Hi everyone,

I’ve been very quiet since the Kickstarter for La Noir Image failed, but as I stated in our last update a while ago, that wasn’t the end. To refresh, La Noir Image is out black and white photography publication–which is also currently under reconstruction.

Last week, I let backers of the project know the progress state. And today, I’m telling you all about it.

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We’re Hiring: Freelance Writer for La Noir Image

Hey everyone,

Remember La Noir Image: that Kickstarter I tried to get funded but that failed because now I realized that no one wanted an app? Well it’s currently under reconstruction to become a full blown art community. Yes, that’s right; it’s not dead–and instead it’s being revamped into a community. Thanks to the help of an Angel Investor, La Noir Image can become something bigger. The current La Noir Image is under construction.

Think Phoblographer premium: with a totally justifiable subscription tier plan. Further, we’re not playing the news game. It’s going to instead be all about refined, well done content.

To that end though, I’m looking to bring on another part-time writer as I’ve already got someone else on board with magazine rate pay.

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The Result of the PhotoCrowd and La Noir Image Black and White Contest

Hey folks,

A while ago, we teamed up with PhotoCrowd to deliver a contest in cooperation with La Noir Image showcasing the best of black and white photography from the community. The contest was judged by Lee Acaster; and they’re quite beautiful.

Which leads me to this: even though La Noir Image wasn’t successfully funded on Kickstarter, it isn’t dead. In fact, it’s evolving.

Be on the lookout, and be very excited. Here are the results of the contest.

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My Three Lenses

This is a syndicated blog post from La Noir Image. Editorial by Josh S. Rose. Be sure to also check him out on Instagram. Images and text used with permission

Out of habit (and lust), I read a lot of online reviews of photography equipment. Truth is, I’ve spent too many hours delving into the craftsmanship part of the medium. But it’s a side note to my greater passion, which is shooting. This is why I’m sharing the contents of my camera kit — because in my journeys, I’ve found most reviews of equipment to be written from an expert’s point of view but it’s harder to find a cohesive opinion about a complete camera kit from the point of view of artists. I wish there were more conceptual photographers who shared their set-ups because we could look at their work and make decisions based more on the creative side of photography, rather than the technical.

I offer up a look into my own camera bag because it works so well for me. It’s been chiseled down (over three decades) to be what I consider a perfect “fine art” camera kit. It gets me professional grade shots for everything I love to shoot, which is real life, but even more, it is a set-up specifically designed around photography as a form of self-expression.

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Great Selections From Our Black and White Photography Contest

La Noir Image is teaming up with PhotoCrowd to give away two subscriptions to the magazine when it finally becomes a reality.

Check out the contest here. Details are below. These obviously aren’t the results as we’re not done yet

There’s less than a week to go in our Black and White Photography contest on, where you can win subscriptions to La Noir Image. We’ve picked out a selection of the stunning photos that have been entered so far – don’t miss your chance to join in this extra special celebration of black and white photography from around the world. If the magazine doesn’t get funded, then the website will go behind a paywall and the winners will receive according prizes.

And please be sure to support our Kickstarter and the new content we’ve been doing!. Also follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Now for iOS and Android!

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Please Read: Why Do We Need $35,000 For La Noir Image?

If you’re a reader of the Phoblographer, you know that we need money for our Kickstarter. It’s come to my attention a number of times that $35,000 sounds pretty high for what a digital magazine needs to actually operate. For some folks, this sounds ridiculous for a digital magazine; but for others it actually sounds too low. In all honesty, it is too low; and we need more than $35,000 to really get this going.

I’m going to explain what the money is going towards for La Noir Image.

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