La Noir Image Starts Publishing on September 1st

Hey folks,

Nearly one year after it started publishing, La Noir Image is officially relaunching on September 1st. La Noir Image is a premium Black and White Photography publication from the Phoblographer LLC. It’s a website/e-magazine for the photographers focused on the arts and those who feel that they’re ready to step up in their photography. For those of you confused about that fact, essentially this is a website designed to look and feel like a magazine–especially on a tablet or phone!

Each month will feature a new theme with September’s content focusing highly on street photography. We’ve released one story for free already, which you can see on the website. All of the backlog content will be free, but going forward, only one story a month will be free. This also shows off what the new layout of stories will look like. All of the content focuses on the black and white photo aspect of the art form.

Oh yeah, and it’s ad free!

We assure you, you’re not going to see this content anywhere else. Trust us, we’ve looked and developed it very carefully over a period of a month. Additionally, La Noir Image features a different staff from the Phoblographer. Everyone has their own specialties that blends well together.

For $15/year to start (which averages out to $1.25 a month) you’ll get a number of phenomenal stories published almost every day of the month. This also allows you to enter the forums. Each month, one member will receive a special token of our appreciation: and in September we’ll be showing this appreciation in the form of the new Zeiss ExoLens case and the wide angle lens for the iPhone gifted to one special paid subscriber.

There are also $40 subscriptions available which include a tutorial video to be released next year and an advanced subscription which includes all that and one portfolio review of 20 images from one staffer on La Noir Image.

Let us know if you have any questions. But as it is, this is an extremely affordable option for every photographer looking to genuinely improve their artistic side and broaden their thinking.


Chris Gampat

Chris Gampat is the Editor in Chief, Founder, and Publisher of the Phoblographer. He also likes pizza.